---------------------------------- We will keep supporting our app even after 1st july (the day google closes its google reader service), with some other back-end service, you need not worry about it. ---------------------------------- Veen RSS Reader is a new generation Rss feed reader. It’s a beautifully and uniquely designed windows 8 metro app. It’s sleek and easy to use. It aims to provide its users with a distraction free reading experience. It comes with multiple features, including feeds search, multiple themes, an offline mode that allows users to access content even when there is no internet connection, enhanced filtering options and bookmarking to services like Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper and Pocket. A complete list of features can be found below. Veen RSS Reader team is dedicated to providing a seamless reading experience. The team is working relentlessly (and without even stopping for a game of ping-pong) to add cool new features. It is focused on vigilantly resolving any issues as they are reported. If you find anything, please let us know, we will send you a smile. Veen RSS Reader is a great app and you will love it. We promise. ---------youtube video------------ -------------------------------------

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Version notes

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-----------Crash Issues---------------- crash issues, suggestions, request a feature- email us at ---------------------------------------- -----Release Details------- - v1.4 (27 Apr,2013) a. Scroll issue resolved, now you can scroll on articles with mouse. b. Displays unread items as badge count and on lock screen. c. Share links with 5 services facebook, twitter, readability, instapaper and pocket. d. Two new options added in appbar to manually download articles for offline mode. e. New button added in toolbar to open feed in default external browser. f. New option added in settings to have different fonts faces for your text. g. Separate settings option for large left labels and large icons (helpful for small screens devices) h. New charm named 'About' in settings, where you can see app updates history. i. Sepia theme is redesigned. j. Minor bug fixes v1.3 (10 Apr,2013) a. Support live tiles b. Minor bug fixes. v1.2 (12 Mar,2013) a. Search is integrated with windows 8 search charm b. Starred item in list are highlighted c. Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements v1.1 (4 Mar,2013) a. Sharing feature added. b. Save to Instapaper and pocket services added c. Now you can load feeds upto 90 days old d. New setting available for large icons (for touch devices) e. Crash issue resolved f. Other bug fixes and performance enhancements v1.0 (13 Feb,2013) a. First release


  • 1. Sync with google-reader.
  • 2. Search feeds (search integrated with search charm)
  • 3. Filter starred or unread feeds.
  • 4. Mark feed as read/unread/star/unstar.
  • 5. Browse by feeds or labels.
  • 6. Mark all items as read at once.
  • 7. Fast content parsing (extracting text article from feed) with just one click.
  • 8. Save feeds to Facebook, Twitter, Readability, Instapaper and Pocket services.
  • 9. Live tiles, unread counts in badge and on lock screen.
  • 10. Read-feeds are marked light in color for improved readability.
  • 11. Links in articles are underlined with light color so that they don't take away from.
  • 12. Simple and common layout design for stress-free interaction.
  • 13. Change font size/ font face and other 15 settings as per your choice
  • 14. Easy-to-use icons for distraction free reading.
  • 15. Sleek User Interface for awesome usability.
  • 16. Customize themes (day, night, or sepia).
  • 17. Dynamic layout that matches your screen size.
  • 18. Snaps perfectly so that you can work on other apps simultaneously.
  • 19. Works in all orientations.
  • 20. Read in offline mode(You can download feeds(all feeds) content for offline reading from appbar)

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

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Veen Apps
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5.46 MB

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Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

The product developer believes this product meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.

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English (United States)

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1. You can't reverse engineer this software. 2. You cannot use codes from this software in to your projects.

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Platform: PC

Almost a waste of money

I regret that I bought this app before trying it, although it's almost a 5-star app in the store. There are two stupid problems with the app at this time. 1. It does not sync all my feeds however other apps will do. 2. I'm using this app on a laptop without touchscreen. But I think this could not the reason that I could not use my mouse to scroll down when I'm reading my feed.




Platform: PC

Trial period far too short!

2 days! Really, I didn't even have time to try this app out before the trial expired. And you can't reinstall as it still somehow knows you've had it installed before and says trial expired. Time limited trials are the WORST. Disable features sure, but don't make the trial expire after a couple of days.




Platform: PC

Works, but.....

It leaves read articles in the column by date, rather than deleting them or rearranging with unread articles at top. Even reloading doesn't change this. As a result, if you skip an article, you'll have to go digging for it. Also, sometimes the first article doesn't mark as read. These problems really need to be fixed. It would be nicer if it automatically downloaded full articles on partial feeds too.




Platform: PC

Best Rss reader yet!

I have had my new windows8 tablet for about a month and missed my Google reader. I tried out tons of readers from the app store and came across this one ''on sale''. So pleased! I love the dark theme, it makes great use of the side swipes and all of the other aspects of windows8. Though I wish the tile was ''live'' but no biggy. I checked their help section for how to see only unread posts and the help ''file'' was probably the best I have ever seen. Srsly! And they actually reply to their fb!




Platform: PC

Nice Google Reader App

Veen RSS Reader has a nicest look over all Google Reader Apps I found on Windows Store. Btw, I can't use mouse wheel to scroll in reading pane.




Platform: PC

Great RSS reader

I have used this app for quite a while. Occasionally I wpuld have the app crash. I installed some OEM specific patches to my tablet, and it hasn't crashed anymore. Biggest concern remaining is Google Reader shutting down July 1. Awaiting word on if Feedly will be supported to decide if I will continue using this app.




Platform: PC

Needs to support sharing

Nice app, finally a tri-pane reader. It needs to support more Windows 8 features, beginning with sharing.




Platform: PC

Looks awesome!... best RSS reader by a mile!

Previous 3 Star Review: About halfway through initial sync is exit back to metro interface.. tried uninstalling/reinstalling.. same.. will wait for update! Current Review: Contacted support and they resolved my issue quickly which was an awesome experience and support that was top notch!




Platform: PC

If only it worked...

Fires up, then crashes.




Platform: PC

Great app, but....

Google reader is being retired on the 1st, and I am a little angry that I will have to buy or find another RSS reader yet again.



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