• Choose from over 500 available drum samples.
  • 12 "velocity sensitive" drum pads allow nuanced playing the drum sounds.
  • The velocity of the drum pads is simulated by a stronger attack in the middle than at the edges of the pads.
  • Volume, stereo panning and velocity sensitivity of any drum sound can be adjusted by three rotary knobs.
  • The latency time of sound creation can be adjusted in the best possible way to the CPU performance.

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After installation, in some cases, no factory settings were loaded. Therefore Vintage Drum was started empty, without preferences. Understandably, this has led to confusion for some users. A corresponding correction was made. The factory presets should now load correctly on any system.

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2 stars out of 5
· 8/22/2013
Getting there. Needs some work.

Still quite a bit of latency, even when turned down in options. Playing sounds concurrently exacerbates the problem. Also audio just stops working, requiring app reboot. Fix those issues, then move on to rudimentary sequencer.

4 stars out of 5
· 6/5/2013
Very Good

Great app. If you're having trouble with there not being any sound at first, try completely closing the app and restarting it. That worked for me.

4 stars out of 5
· 4/8/2013
pretty good stuff

I love the different samples from vintage 808s and 909s but I wish this drum machine would be able to record

4 stars out of 5
· 4/7/2013
Great, now how can I save sounds

A little confusing at first with the blank "default" and no help text. Not even sure how I found sounds, but I know that if you double click on the space above each drum pad, then you've got all the options available. I want to record my sounds though, is there a pay version coming?

4 stars out of 5
· 3/16/2013
loving his- some usability fixes required

first, this app is AWESOME- I've been looking for a good 808 for Win 8 for a while now! still, it took a bit of doing to figure out the controls. the Default set is blank, which is pretty confusing- I'd suggest tuning it instead to some default set, plus maybe a small bit of help text in the Settings. still, I'm in love with this app.

3 stars out of 5
· 8/12/2015
need update for non-touch users

With Windows10 there will soon be a billion users, most of whom do not have touch. Yes, you can mouse click the pads, but it would be better to add keyboard support. The pads are numbered so why not allow the use of the number keys on the keyboard?

3 stars out of 5
· 12/25/2015


4 stars out of 5
· 11/15/2014
Good for live, but needs sequencer and features

Very cool app to play live, but needs a sequencer in order to be useful. Also could use the ability to modify parameters of sounds, such as to add sustain, release, and reverb to each channel. Latency is not an issue for touch PCs, but I can see it lagging on tablets, so I can see why they set it high by default. Latency is selectable in the Options. I use the lowest at 5ms and have no problem on a PC.

4 stars out of 5
· 4/27/2013
Great, but needs sequencer.

Proof that good music apps are possible in Windows 8. Needs sequencer support though.

5 stars out of 5
· 5/11/2013
Well done

Are you going to release a pay version that will have a sequencer I would gladly pay for that

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