*** This app requires device that support stylus pen input*** *** Additional server program(can be downloaded from is required to be running on your PC *** Turn your tablet device into wireless digitizer! You can use this app as trial for 7 days. Further use will require purchase. Run this app on the tablet device with stylus pen support. If Virtual Tablet Server program is running on your PC, you can seamlessly transfer your input to your PC like you use real digitizer H/W. You can download the Virtual Tablet Server program free of charge from You don't need to buy real digitizer for your desktop anymore. Turn your tablet device into cool wireless digitizer with this app! [Things You Can Do with this App] - Make an hand writing annotation on your PDF viewer in connected PC. - Sketch with your stylus pen on canvas of any painter applications in your PC. Enjoy drawing with pencil and brush tools using your stylus! (Pressure sensitive drawing application required.) - Remotely control your PC with stylus pen (same as remote mouse application). [Detail Features] - You can choose two modes. (Pen, Mouse) - Support all input style which can be done with stylus.(in-range movement, barrel button, eraser tip, and etc.) - Cursor sensitivity and acceleration can be adjusted. - Automatic server discovery in the same network. (Easy connection) - Support all landscape orientation of a tablet device with fill/snap/full screen mode.

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Version notes

Version number: 2017.131.1555.0

** Notice ** If you are using previous version of VirtualTablet Server program, please download new version of VirtualTablet Server from and re-install. This updated app is only compatible with new version of the server program. Sorry for the inconvenience. [Updates] - Network Optimized. No more delay!! - Automatic version check between server and client is added. - New server program now has automatic update feature.


  • Turn your tablet device into wireless digitizer!
  • Perfect simulation of digitizer input on your PC.

System Requirements

OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64
Notes Not specified
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1
Architecture x86, x64
Notes Device with stylus pen input required

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448 KB

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This app can
Access your Internet connection
Access your Internet connection and act as a server.
Access your home or work networks

Get this app while signed in to your Microsoft account and install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)
日本語 (日本)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)

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Platform: PC

Used to be really good. Doesn't work now.

I could use any of my smaller devices as a drawing tablet on my desktop(W10). Now nothing connects. I've put the newest versions available for server on my desktop and for client on my windows and android devices but no go. tried both Bluetooth and wifi connections. no luck. some of my devices have purchased versions.




Platform: PC

Great app but has space for improvement

Nice beginning but making tablet's screen available as external for main pc with both touch/ink support would be superb.




Platform: PC


I've been using the latest version on my Surface pro 2 running Windows 10 as a tablet (the server app on my Laptop with W10 as well) and here are what I've found: 1) Easy and simple to install, but it freezes all the way. 2) The App doesn't has shortcut keys nor multi-touch gestures, which is really Important for Graphic Designers & Digital Artists. 3) Support the pressure sensitivity for drawing programs that don't need professional drivers like WinTab drivers needed for the Adobe suite (which are the core of graphics industry), so come on, be honest and don't deceive people to get their 3.5$!! it still not a replacement for a graphic tablet, just a tool for basic digital drawing beginners. 4) the desktop app customized settings is too basic in disappointing unclear way. 5) The Price is not much, but I'm thanking GOD I didn't pay for this basic app.. make it competitive to gain worthy money, be professional and do something deserve.

6 out of 6 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC


This app lets me use my Surface as a Wacom device over Wifi. I don't think any other software does this. This VirtualTablet app deserves a higher rating. I do not understand. It does a great job. I don't ever get any lag. Kudos to the developer! Keep up the great work :-)

One person found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Good but...

This app is great! I bought it. It would be awesome if you added the ability to have hot keys. Undo/Redo, or those other hot keys the Wacom have. But apart from that great!

3 out of 4 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC


Ugly application, but it gets the job done. No lag over Wi-Fi and just plain works. Great for turning a Windows tablet into a stylus input device or pen display.

4 out of 4 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Broken after server 2.0 update?

After setting up and troubleshooting per the FAQ on the sunnysidesoft website (was having firewall issues), I was going to buy this once I tried it out. On the last day of my trial period I could no longer connect as the server updated to 2.0. I don't know what version is on my tablet, or whether it updated also. Now I'm getting an error trying to connect on my tablet. No time left to troubleshoot, but I did check the firewall settings again. The generic "Cannot connect to server ... make sure it's running on your PC" doesn't help, and I don't see logging on the tablet side to troubleshoot further. Also, if it had the capability to pinch zoom, or navigate (scroll/pan) with finger(s), I'd be all over this and would gladly pay more (please take my money). I may try it again sometime later. I was impressed while it worked.

3 out of 5 people found this helpful.




Platform: PC

Great app

Great app, nothing else like it. Great step in the right direction. Has a mild quirk where the app may need to be restarted after exiting out of input mode because it has hard time rediscovering the tablet server on PC. Minute issue to get around and for price it turns my surface pro into both a standalone tablet and a mobile Wacom input device, ALL IN ONE. Just wishing for multiscreen support and fixing of that minor problem. Only other thing is make sure server software is on a flash drive if you intend to run this on multiple computers and locations so there is no worry about having to search for server software online again when setting up for use.




Platform: PC

Mouse/pen input works but this lags behind iOS app

No keyboard support, no app specific commands or options of anykind. Just a simple pad that your pen or finger can move the host mouse. Server side software does not have auto run at startup or hid to system tray. It works fine but is missing key features that I have grown accustom to on iOS

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Platform: PC

Responsive, but pressure does not work on desktop

Using this app with Lenovo Tablet 2. Everything (including pressure) appears to work for Metro apps like FreshPaint, but pressure does not work for desktop apps like Corel Painter or Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

2 out of 2 people found this helpful.



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