New in version 1.7.0 - Added additional remider options. (i.e. remind me to drink 1 hour after my last drink) - Made several updates to the historical graph (minor bug fix, added a toggle for the labels, icon updates) New in version 1.6.0 - Added an "Add Entry" button to the daily log. Now you can easily add missed entries on past days. - Added date range presets on the history chart for 7, 14, 30, and 45 days. - Added average intake data point to the history chart which shows your average daily intake for the selected date range. - The history chart will save your last used PRESET value and will load that value the next time you view the chart. - Added amount consumed to the back of the main Live Tile. You can get even more detail on your start screen by enabling the “Detailed Tile” in the settings menu and making it wide on your start screen. - The main screen will now show the last time you logged a drink today. We all know that water is absolutely essential for good health. Though, few of us actually take in the amount of water our bodies need to function properly. WaterLogger will help you to set a daily goal and stick to it, remind you to drink, and let you view your recent daily intake totals. - Easy to use (and keep using) - Track your daily water intake - Use ounces (oz) or liters (mL) - Configurable daily intake goals - 4 configurable containers for quick updates - Log partial container consumption - Undo last entry or all entries for day - Customizable reminders (start time, end time, frequency) - Graph your actual vs. goal over time - Customizable live application tiles - Support for all 3 live tile sizes (WP8 only) - View and edit all past log entries by day - Select 12- or 24-hour time format - Option to stop reminders for the rest of the day once your daily goal has been met

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mobile device

mobile device

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OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM
OS Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8
Architecture x86, x64, ARM

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2.91 MB - 6.32 MB

Health & fitness

Use your device network services
Use an anonymous Microsoft account
Use information about your device
Use your music
Use the media items that are currently playing
Use any of your Windows Phone sensors
Access your browser

Install on up to ten Windows 10 devices.

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English (United States)

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Platform: Mobile

Nice. Needs a place to reset to zero and correct. Like the reminders!




Platform: Mobile

Keeps losing my history and logs.




Platform: Mobile

Fun! Cute! I play it like a game, a great way to remember to drink more water!




Platform: Mobile

Brilliant App, easy to use

I decided to track my water intake in order to lose weight. This app makes it so easy to do. It's very well designed and very easy to use. And the live tile options are a plus!




Platform: Mobile

I'd like to be able to delete. Sometimes I accidentally tap the wrong bottle. This app is terrific!

Developer comment · BryckMobile responded on 12/9/2015

You can delete a number of ways. There is an "undo" icon in the cloud where you can undo your last entry. Also, in the daily detail view, you can delete an entry as well. Thanks!




Platform: Mobile

Great app!

Great app to keep track of my daily water intake!

One person found this helpful.




Platform: Mobile

This app is really good. Love the interactive log and live tile. Only suggestions are that my history only records two days also id love to be able to change the alarm sound..., but this app is awsm!




Platform: Mobile

The best app to keep track of water consumption. I think it would also be a good ideea to have the possibility to back up information in cloud.

Developer comment · BryckMobile responded on 12/9/2015

I am working on a completely updated version of this application (no release date yet), but this will be included, for sure!



Donald J.

Platform: Mobile

I use this AP on a daily basis to be sure that I get enough water.




Platform: Mobile

Really helps encourage me to drink water and I like that the faces change as you go! This is a great app but does have a couple bugs.

One person found this helpful.



Developer comment · responded on