• Live Set List Sharing when used with Worship, Inc. Desktop Edition
  • Maintain your own song set list
  • Chord Chart Display
  • Transpose and Capo Chords

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Version notes - Windows 8.1 version - Added application exception notification so we can identify any crashes occurring. - Windows 8.1 version - Fixed a bug where chord row was sometimes not displayed in recent update - Windows 8.1 release - Made some menus and options more accessible as people found the Windows menus hard to find - Added option for user to set manual text size rather than auto. In this mode a section menu is displayed to enable quick access to parts of a song - Added option for song foreground/background colors to be set so you can have black on white - ChordPro file format import (copy/paste or .cho file association) - Fixed networking issue with Windows 8.1 - Fixed various bug reports/crashes

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4 stars out of 5
· 11/15/2015
Super Cool Program

Just installed on windows 10 and it works much better than when it did on windows 8. As a bass player makes it very easy to adjust chords with a single swipe when the guitarists capo on the fly. Love this program.

3 stars out of 5
· 9/4/2015
Could be good...if it worked right

The program itself is good, simple and just what I needed. If it worked properly I would have gladly given it four -five stars. My issue, like others is that the song sets appear to save, however after closing the app and re-opening it the sets disappear. This is extremely frustrating, especially if you have tweaked the keys and capo on some of the songs in the set. I have installed this on two different computers running windows 8.1 and windows 10 and experienced the same issues with both. Reinstalling seems to help...but the problem comes back. I hope they get it fixed as the ability to save sets is extremely important and $10.00 is too much to spend otherwise.

2 stars out of 5
· 7/30/2015
Used to be great, but...

Used to love this app... now it's more of a pain to use than anything. Set lists constantly disappear and I have to uninstall and then reinstall to create new ones. I still lose all of my set lists, but at least it works for awhile before doing it again. It sets its own font size and will not let me change it either. The people at customer support were great, when I emailed they responded quickly and were helpful - however nothing has ever been fixed. Eventually we just stopped communicating and it still does the same things. Great when it works, but I will be looking for a new program - it's just too unreliable for me to be able to use.

4 stars out of 5
· 6/12/2015

I love the key change feature and ability to print. A couple constructive criticisms though, hope these will be changed or added in an update...I wish the print out version Song Title wasn't so large and you could add notes like time signature and key signature, tempo, to the header. I would also like to manually name the verses, chorus, tags, bridge, as an option etc. The auto size is great, but Io wish I could choose how many columns to use. Sometimes it unnecessarily goes to 4 columns when 2 will do. Having a problem saving info in the song details. It doesn't save when you exit.

3 stars out of 5
· 4/6/2014

I like the program but I have lost the set lists that I have created. The icon for set lists do not appear at all on the front page of the program. Very disappointed! as of 4/5/14 this problem still exists! Very frustrating to have to reinstall program to see setlists!

4 stars out of 5
· 11/3/2013
Love. It.

Love having a whole library of chord sheets on my tablet. Used the whole system at church this weekend. Amazing. Slides, chord sheets, transposing, dynamic set lists, etc. Saves me hours of prep time now. Thank you, WorshipInc. I would like to see more of the desktop features ported to the tablet version like publishing a play list. I would like to control slides from a station not connected to the projector. I would like to search and add central group titles from the tablet. My favorite app! PS - If you use this with a Surface on a metal music stand be sure to detach the keyboard. The metal stand interferes with the Surface keyboard sensor. When this happens the screen will go black, and the Surface will become unresponsive. Simply remove the keyboard to resolve this.

2 stars out of 5
· 7/6/2013
A little confusing

How do I link this with my Desktop version of the program? How do I import songs instead of creating a new one? I'm not satisfied with my purchase yet... Update: Much later and I am still not pleased. I have emailed for support. If you can not use the app software to join a group you have created with the desktop client, then what good is it?

5 stars out of 5
· 3/15/2013
Simplicity of Windows 8 and Worship, Inc.

I've been using Worship, Inc. desktop version and just found the Windows 8 app. Songs and playlists sync up perfectly. Every song change is broadcasted across the shared playlist. I like the simple black and white interface that will work great on stage. I can even print chord sheets for other band members. This is a must have for any Worship, Inc. user or someone wanting to give Worship, Inc. a try.

5 stars out of 5
· 1/11/2013
Must have for any worship group!

I love this app. It was worth every penny. You can have a database of your songs and then add them to a playlist. I love that you can hide the chords anytime. You can transpose the songs. Really good or someone that plays and can't transpose on the spot like me lol If you can try the app as a free trial do it if you don't know if this is the right app for you but I guarantee you will love it and find it very useful!

3 stars out of 5
· 5/18/2016
I was able to get this working again with help from WI.

Limited ability to control font size for title. Waste of screen space!! Ability to copy and past more than one line of song section is a big limitation for me. I may try the desktop version to see if that is any better.

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