Experience the world’s best workouts right in your home on Xbox Fitness.* Train with Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Tony Horton of P90X®, Shaun T of INSANITY® and more. Buy individual workouts, and get over 30 additional workouts for free with Xbox Live Gold. Only on Xbox One. For an optimized experience, with instant, personalized feedback on your form, power and heart rate, Xbox One Kinect sensor recommended. Kinect sensor not required to play.

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Platform: Xbox

In-Home Personal Trainer

Its like having your own top big names personal trainer at home. Kinect tracks heart rate, burned calories, balance, power and a lot more. Xbox Fitness getting your heart pumping it was motivate and challenging just awesome. I liked exercising to this app, But wish Xbox would keep it going or make a newer version.




My favorite thing on Xbox One

This is the most fun I've had working out, and I've worked out my whole life. Being able to exercise, and have achievements like a game really makes you stick with it and try harder. I'm angry and shocked that Microsoft has created a great way to be healthy. They didn't spend money pushing or showcasing it so how did they think it would make more money? It's the best use of the Kinect feature and a great way to keep healthy. Not sure that working out will be as fun again when it's gone. Jessica Smith and Jillian know how to get you in shape. Shawn T and Tony are always amazing.. Sad to lose my favorite workouts.




Great way to get fit

Unlike conventional class-setting and video workouts, Xbox fitness is like having your own personal trainer for a fraction of personal trainer prices. It tracks your movements (even heart rate, unlike the 360 predecessor) so you know when you're doing a move correctly or not, which can do more harm than good. I lost like 50 lbs between my 360 & Xbox one fitness apps. I am really gonna miss this. It's the ONLY reason why I opted for the Xbox one & not PS4




Platform: Xbox

Weight Loss At Its Finest

By exercising to this game im well on my way to losing 45 being at 5 feet 3 inches tall, I used to weigh 170 pounds, so im on my way to getting down to 125 pounds...personally if someone said my weight should be at 125 pounds, I would be thinking that it would be to lite and would be to skinny...but after being at 170 pounds for the last couple of years and having a rotund stomach that looked like "A Beer Belly"... being skinny at 125 pounds sounds great.....

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Platform: Xbox

Pretty kool app for fitness compared 2 past tries

Its a fun way 2 get involed with fitness from a beginner 2 a everyday gym veteran. This app will amaze u with its way of keepin your cardio workouts fun. If you have a KINECT 4 YOUR XBOX1 & wanna try a home work out this put the old school Wii & WiiU Fitness games 2 shame . Highly recomend CHECK IT OUT PLUS ITS FREE ;-)

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Platform: Xbox

Shouldn`t go away. Makes workout DVDs awesome

i love that it takes you actual body movements and scores you on how well you do. i dislike the fact that Microsoft has chosen to discontinue this service. must not have made large enough profit margins. Hope they bring it back with deep integration into Microsoft Health and the Microsoft Band.

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poloohs mom

Platform: Xbox

love it!

awesome workout... you feel the burn throughout the entire workout. prepare to sweat!

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Platform: Xbox


Great experience with Kinect! Fitness is the only reason I got the Kinect. It's ok to remove support but please don't remove access!

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Great app but

Microsoft please continue to support it!




Platform: Xbox

Amazing app

Plese dont kill it MS, living in a not so safe area this has helped me a lot



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