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AMC's unscripted series Game of Arms is a look inside the raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling. This series not only focuses on the technique and skill in this high-stakes world, but also the family, careers, and personal struggles of each man outside of the sport. From the Emmy Award-winning producers of Deadliest Catch, each episode features an intense regional match, leading to a tournament finale with a grand prize for the winner.

  1. Season 1, episode 1

    The California Arm Benders try to take down the powerhouse New York City Arms Control, led by the fiercely driven giant slayer, Mike Selearis.

  2. Season 1, episode 2

    Arm wrestling guru Cobra Rhodes joins forces with the legendary Kansas City team for a battle in Louisiana against a team of outlaws and roughnecks.

  3. Season 1, episode 3

    Everything is on the line for two fathers as the menacing squad from Erie meets the California Arm Benders at the arm wrestling table.

  4. Season 1, episode 4

    New Yorker and tattooed vegan Rob Bigwood wrestles crippling doubts as he trains for an epic match against soft-spoken, gun-totin' Chop Bertrand.

  5. Season 1, episode 5

    Bones are broken in a clash between humble farmer Nick Zinna and tactician Mike Selearis as Kansas City defends its home turf against New York.

  6. Season 1, episode 6

    Continuing to drink, Kenny Hughes poses a serious threat to a seriously injured Nick Zinna. Cobra Rhodes and Allen Fisher renew an old rivalry.

  7. Season 1, episode 7

    Mike Selearis must face Bart Wood with a broken hand. Travis Bagent reflects on how arm wrestling brought him out of poverty.

  8. Season 1, episode 8

    Arm wrestling has affected Allen Fisher's and Craig Tullier's families in different ways. Kenny and Chop receive interventions for unhealthy habits.

  9. Season 1, episode 9

    Don Underwood and Travis Bagent put a coveted championship belt on the line. Cobra contemplates what a loss to Bart Wood would mean for his career.

  10. Season 1, episode 10

    All the arm wrestlers travel to Los Angeles for a double-elimination tournament where rivalries and grudge matches abound.

  11. Season 1, episode 101

    A firefighter, a cop, a vegan, and more make up New York City's arm wrestling team Arms Control.

  12. Season 1, episode 102

    Kevin is an arm wrestler with New York City's team Arms Control.

  13. Season 1, episode 103

    Meet Don Underwood from AMC's new original series Game of Arms, which takes you inside the gritty, high-stakes world of underground arm wrestling.

  14. Season 1, episode 104

    Meet Mike Selearis from AMC's new original series Game of Arms, which takes you inside the gritty, high-stakes world of underground arm wrestling.

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