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The daily goings-on in the small town of Rome, Wisconsin are definite proof that real life is often stranger than fiction. From the murder of the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz” to a student who brings in a severed hand for show-and-tell and a menopausal woman who runs over her husband with a steamroller, Sheriff Jimmy Brock has seen it all. Indeed, behind the tidy picket fences of this quirky little town lie all the same problems and prejudices found in the big city, except in a small town everyone seems to know everyone else’s business – or thinks they do!

  1. Season 1, episode 1

    The small town of Rome, Wisconsin, gets more excitement than it can handle when a famous rock band hits town just after the Tin Man is murdered during a production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

  2. Season 1, episode 2

    Max does a little snooping on her own after the FBI is called in to investigate a brutal crime she believes was committed by a serial attacker.

  3. Season 1, episode 3

    Max is attracted to a dwarf that comes riding into town on a stolen elephant, while a popular high school teacher asks Jill to operate on him even though he may not survive.

  4. Season 1, episode 4

    The candidates in an upcoming mayoral election are using such outrageous smear campaigns that Sheriff Brock considers running for Mayor himself.

  5. Season 1, episode 5

    While Sheriff Brock tries to figure out the identity of a mysterious serial bather, a farmer accuses his neighbor of getting his cows drunk on the runoff from an illegal still.

  6. Season 1, episode 6

    Sheriff Brock reopens a ten-year-old murder case after the victim’s mute maid, who is now in a mental hospital, utters the word “murder.”

  7. Season 1, episode 7

    Both Jill and Kenny have a fight on their hands when Jill decides to run for Mayor and Kenny agrees to fight a famous boxer wanted for tax evasion.

  8. Season 1, episode 8

    When a Catholic nun is put on trial for practicing euthanasia it’s a case that angers Jill and even causes Judge Bone to do a little soul searching of his own.

  9. Season 1, episode 9

    There doesn’t seem much to be thankful for after Wambaugh finds his wife in bed with another man and Jill’s father shows up for dinner with his new twenty-six-year-old girlfriend.

  10. Season 1, episode 10

    While investigating the death of a woman who may have committed suicide, Max is attracted to the dead woman’s husband – an attraction that almost proves fatal.

  11. Season 1, episode 11

    The townspeople are livid when they discover that a woman schoolteacher, who is also supposed to play Mary in the upcoming Christmas pageant, is really a man.

  12. Season 1, episode 12

    The day before Christmas is anything but jolly after Brock catches his young daughter having sex, and then an equally upset and unbalanced Santa Claus takes Max and Ginny hostage.

  13. Season 1, episode 13

    Brock, Max and Kenny are on the trail of the Frog Man, a burglar who is striking the businesses in town and who always leaves live frogs behind at the scene of his crimes.

  14. Season 1, episode 14

    Wambaugh defends a woman who ran her husband over with a steamroller by saying that his client was psychologically unbalanced because she is going through menopause.

  15. Season 1, episode 15

    A sacrifice of a goat during a funeral service, two psychic connections and a seemingly forbidden pregnancy are all part of the daily routine in Rome.

  16. Season 1, episode 16

    Max and Kenny discover a neighbor is secretly keeping his pregnant brain-dead wife on life-support in his house, while Brock is outraged to learn his dentist is HIV positive.

  17. Season 1, episode 17

    Max gets more than she bargained for when she goes undercover to help catch Cupid, a serial killer who murders women he meets through the classified ads.

  18. Season 1, episode 18

    Jill finds herself in the middle of a right-to-life issue when she asks a fellow doctor to perform a controversial fetal tissue transplant operation on a patient with Parkinson’s disease.

  19. Season 1, episode 19

    The town coroner declares that a newly discovered body is that of a sheriff who disappeared thirty-eight years ago and who was likely killed by radiation from a UFO.

  20. Season 1, episode 20

    An Indian tribe declares war on Rome after the city lets a golf course expand onto a sacred Indian burial ground, and Matthew stands up to the school bully on his brother’s behalf.

  21. Season 1, episode 21

    While Kimberly is confused over a shared kiss with her friend Lisa, Max is furious when she learns that she didn’t get the under-sheriff position simply because she’s a woman.

  22. Season 1, episode 22

    Jill’s patient is upset that a pig’s liver was used to save her life, and Max decides to adopt a baby after its mother, who’s wanted by the FBI, gives birth then flees town.


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