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The R.I.P. Files features a different kind of group of paranormal investigators, based in Washington DC, who use their psychic abilities and their deep knowledge of metaphysical techniques to interact with the entities they encounter at haunted locations. The group calls itself Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (R.I.P.). These investigators encourage the spirits to share their stories in their own words through amazing EVPs and other evidence that is bridging the gap between the worlds of science and spirituality. Not just another ghost show, The R.I.P. Files explores the issues of life and death that we all must face. As the investigators learn and grow in their profession, making new discoveries that push the boundaries of paranormal research even further, they also find themselves compelled to examine the effects of their activities on their own lives, on the lives of those around them, and on the spirits themselves.

  1. Season 1, episode 1

    The team explores a former psychiatric hospital with a dark reputation. Using forensics techniques, they learn that the rumors about the horrors in the “suicide bathroom” are true.

  2. Season 1, episode 2

    The girls make contact with the flirtatious Private Michael Bowman in – where else? – the Michael Bowman Room at The Graffiti House. Michael, a former Civil War soldier, touches Lisa’s hair and tries to communicate with us through the KII meter.

  3. Season 1, episode 3

    Mark and Rene use the ITC Research Device to talk to a Civil War soldier in the museum office, while Pat helps another stranded solider in the main part of the house finally cross over to join his family in the light.

  4. Season 1, episode 4

    The investigators of R.I.P. are overwhelmed when they visit Pennhurst and must fight to keep their emotions in check while a miasma of gloom settles over the entire team.

  5. Season 1, episode 5

    Guest Investigators Mike and Sara from Alexandria Paranormal Investigations (API) encounter a possible shadow person and R.I.P.’s female investigators are able to confirm the presence of a child in the Mayflower Building.

  6. Season 1, episode 6

    At beautiful Ferry Plantation, the team encounters the spirit of Henry, a former slave who does his best to scare them off.

  7. Season 1, episode 7

    Major Graham’s Mansion promises to be a hotbed of activity. Lisa makes a surprising announcement and the team is shocked to discover they’ve captured on video the image of a ghostly face in the Slave Shackle Room.

  8. Season 1, episode 8

    Mark encounters the spirit of a hanged slave in the barn, along with an unexpected example of the local wildlife. Malinka plays catch with an entity in Clara’s Room and Krystal uses the dowsing rods to connect with Martha Graham.

  9. Season 1, episode 9

    The most famous inhabitant of Oaklands Mansion was Major Contee, who was known for his outrageous behavior, and so named the Mad Major.

  10. Season 1, episode 10

    The Ballestone Stansbury house was once the center of a large plantation in 1780 Of its many inhabitants, several have not yet departed.

  11. Season 1, episode 11

    The Byrd Theatre, built in 1928 is now state and national landmark that continues to attract audience for movies and paranormal activity.

  12. Season 1, episode 12

    The Carroll Street Café in Frederick, MD, is built on the site of a cave nestled between the massive limestone rock formations which surround this area.

  13. Season 1, episode 13

    The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is a U.S. historic education institution located in Frederick, Maryland. The investigation begins as Chris and Mark walk through the facility and catch EVPs commenting on the search.

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