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AMC's Small Town Security returns to the unorthodox universe that revolves around Chief Joan Koplan. As the JJK crew continues to expand, several new out-of-this-world characters join the cast. Joan, Dennis, Irwin, Christa, and Brian are also forced to contend with a series of unexpected shocks and developments. Provocative, preposterous, and unflinchingly real, the new season boldly goes where no man, woman, or chihuahua has gone before.

  1. Season 3, episode 1

    Captain Starr creates a new training tape for JJK. Chief decides to capitalize on the Speecy Spicy Meatball. Irwin shows off his storage room.

  2. Season 3, episode 2

    Dennis turns to online dating to fill the gap in his relationship with Joan while Irwin looks for ways to relieve stress.

  3. Season 3, episode 3

    JJK gets a muddy gig while Irwin devotes his time to a group of rough young ladies. Joan deals with the loss of her greatest love.

  4. Season 3, episode 4

    JJK loses a big client and Irwin works to ensure guard loyalty. Joan struggles with her health and her local cable access show.

  5. Season 3, episode 5

    Joan gets a shocking diagnosis that comes with some tough side effects. Brian and Dennis land a geeky gig while Christa does some dirty work.

  6. Season 3, episode 6

    Dennis hosts iconic McGruff the Crime Dog. Joan begins radiation with no desire to relax. When JJK cuts Christa's hours, she takes on some odd jobs.

  7. Season 3, episode 7

    Dennis leads guards on a training mission overnight in a cave. Brian coaches Joan through rapid detox from bad diet habits as her recovery continues.

  8. Season 3, episode 8

    Irwin de-stresses while Joan convalesces in L.A. Dennis reveals his biggest shocker yet about Joan. The gang celebrates JJK's 30th Anniversary.

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