120 minutes

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CSED Week | Dyslexia & Coding (2 hours), Grades 3+

Designed to inspire K-12 students to take an interest in computer science, our CSED Week experiences are FREE and open to all! Events will feature unique daily themes, guest speakers and virtual workshop activities – all created with diversity and inclusion in mind, to be intentional in reaching underrepresented communities and students.   

  • Dyslexia & Coding - Come celebrate Computer Science Education Week with this free two-hour workshop where participants will be guided through unplugged activities and coding puzzles to introduce them to coding. This workshop introduces foundational concepts of coding using drag and drop blocks instead of a script-based programing language such as JavaScript or Python. Leaders engage participants in a variety of activities grounded in the basics of coding, encouraging persistence in the face of challenges.
By the end of the workshop, students will have: 
  • Learned basic block coding concepts
  • Solved beginner friendly coding puzzles
Our guest speaker will talk about their personal story, challenges, and success they’ve had despite having Dyslexia

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