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60 minutes

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Day of Data: Orcas - Use Data to Investigate

Immerse your students in a fun and interactive data science project as you learn about Kiki the Orca whale and her family in the J pod. Your students can swim with Kiki using Hololens, explore data in a self-paced Excel workbook, and reflect on their experiences using Flipgrid. In Use Data to Investigate option, students can make a splash using data to investigate with an online Excel activity that introduces beginning concepts for investigating a phenomenon using data.

Lesson highlights:

  1. Investigate data to describe feeding relationships in an ecosystem.
  2. Explore multiple sources of data to explain how toxins can influence the health of populations in an ecosystem.
  3. Analyze multiple acoustic data to provide evidence for the effects of sound pollution on a population.
  4. Document student learning in Flipgrid and through a reflection journal.

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