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60 minutes

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Day of Data: Orcas - Use Data to Research

Immerse your students in a fun and interactive data science project as you learn about Kiki and her family in the J pod. Paddle your way into Kiki's world through a self-paced, online Excel activity that introduces beginning concepts for data-driven research using Wolfram data types. The activities are designed for 11-14 year olds and created for teachers by teachers! Your students can swim with Kiki using Hololens, explore data in a self-paced Excel workbook, and reflect on their experiences using Flipgrid.

Lesson highlights:

  1. Access information in Excel using data types and data cards.
  2. Compare and contrast taxonomic data to explore differences and similarities of organisms.
  3. Use data cards to access geographic data related to orca sighting locations.
  4. Document student learning in Flipgrid and through a reflection journal.

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