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30 minutes

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Make your CV stand out with CV Assistant

This session is run in partnership with Department of Work & Pensions. Stand out with CV Assistant, a new feature in Microsoft Word that helps job-seekers create compelling CVs with personalised content suggestions powered by LinkedIn. 

This workshop will show you how to: 

  • Identify top skills—Find the most prominent skills for the type of job you’re seeking so you can more easily increase your discoverability. 

  • Receive suggestions regarding work experience summary, skills, and also other relevant content available in LinkedIn. 

  • Customise a CV based on real job postings—See relevant job listings from LinkedIn’s 11 million open jobs and customise your CV to appeal to recruiters. 

  • Leverage real-life examples—See how top people in your field represent their work experience and filter by industry and role for a personalised experience. 

Note: This feature is available to Office 365 Windows subscribers. If you're an Office 365 Windows subscriber, make sure you have the latest version of Office. If you're a subscriber and don't see Resume Assistant, check out Microsoft Support for more information.  For more information on Microsoft Global Skills Initiative visit https://aka.ms/jcpjobseeker

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