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60 minutes

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Tips, shortcuts, and what’s new with Microsoft Teams

Discover ways to enhance communication and increase your efficiency and productivity within Teams. 

Learn tips and shortcuts for Microsoft Teams that will help you become a power user, able to expedite navigation and efficiently use Teams for collaboration and workflow. Discover what’s new and find expert direction on the latest features.

In this training, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage formatting best practices to help get your messages noticed (and responded to)
  • Integrate tools and best practices to streamline the collaboration process
  • Implement strategies to manage and organize your work and simplify your workday

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Suggested Prerequisites: Get started with Microsoft Teams Calling and meetings in Microsoft Teams

Explore teams and channels in Microsoft Teams

Go further together with meetings in Microsoft Teams

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  • Live sessions are presented in English – for resources in more languages, please visit: https://aka.ms/TeamsOnDemand and https://support.office.com
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60 minutes

Know someone who might be interested in this training?

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