90 minutes

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Virtual Workshop for Students - Literacy skills for emerging readers ages 6-8

In this virtual two hour workshop, emerging readers ages six through eight will build confidence in improving their reading comprehension with fun, interactive activities. Students will use Immersive Reader in the OneNote app, which is currently available for Windows 10, Mac, and iPad. Workshop leaders will be ready to help with the app download and sign-in process if needed.

By the end of the two hour workshop, students will have:

  • Mastered key tools that read text out loud, break it into syllables, and increase spacing between lines and letters
  • Read, acted out, and illustrated stories
  • Taught their parent/caregiver how to use Immersive Reader

Parents and caregivers are asked to remain with their student for the duration of the workshop to support with device management and activities, given the six to eight age range.

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