Virtual workshops and training

Discover something new or build on your skills in our free, interactive workshops and trainings.

Empower Education

Learning is more fun when you’re interested. Learn to boost excitement in your classroom with our free virtual training sessions.

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Discover how to implement proven techniques that improve reading and writing regardless of age or ability with the inclusive tools found in Microsoft 365.

Learn together with Flip events

Meet designers, engineers, authors, scientists, humanitarians and fellow celebrated guests during Flip events.

Secure your school devices

Learn how to manage Windows devices for your school to keep your staff and students safe with Microsoft Intune for Education training.

Find trainings to elevate your classroom

Learn from Microsoft Associates after breakfast, between classes, or whenever you have time.

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Workshops and events for students

With our exciting collection of learning experiences led by expert facilitators, your students can get ready for success at school. We also have training for parents to help support students with hybrid classroom technology.