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Hear from CSO Melanie Nakagawa on how we’re expanding data capabilities and delivering on our journey to become water positive by 2030.

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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

A growing set of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) capabilities from Microsoft and our global partners, empowering organizations to accelerate sustainability progress and business growth.

Start recording, reporting, and reducing your environmental impact with Microsoft Sustainability Manager—a Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution—now available in Essentials and Premium versions.

Accelerate your sustainability journey

Drive operational and cost efficiencies to help meet your sustainability goals with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

Enable ESG data intelligence

Strengthen your digital foundation and capture the value of data to drive more sustainable outcomes.

Deliver sustainable IT systems

Migrate and modernize tools, systems, and activities to increase efficiencies and add business value.

Improve ESG performance

Optimize the performance of your operations and assets.

Unlock sustainable growth

Invest in innovation that helps you build resilience and create new business models.

  • Strengthen your digital foundation with data solutions

    Get tools and insights to manage data at scale, make progress on goals, and prepare for ESG data governance and reporting.

    Streamline data ingestion, integration, and calculations

    Integrate and standardize data from business units and your value chain. Increasingly automate calculations. Enable product carbon footprint measurement.

    Establish a baseline and track progress against goals

    Visualize your impact in near real time using powerful data visualizations and dashboards. Use insights to identify and monitor performance gaps.

    Operationalize corporate governance practices and performance to support transparency

    Improve audit trails and workflow management. Trace reporting data back to the source, including all calculations and actions. Facilitate efficient data use and sharing with prebuilt processes, policies, roles, and standards.

    Deliver more reliable sustainability reports

    Export increasingly accurate, timely, and comprehensive sustainability reports to demonstrate your progress. Use configurable reports to ease preparation for audits and quantitative public reporting.

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  • Migrate and modernize tools, systems, and activities

    Adopt technologies and strategies that are sustainable by design, increasing efficiencies while adding business value.

    Reduce the sustainability impact of your apps, AI, and productivity solutions

    Measure and manage the footprint of your IT systems. Empower employees to drive sustainable ways of working. Reduce carbon emissions related to software usage.

    Build more sustainable workloads that maximize utilization while minimizing waste

    Transition workloads to Azure and make informed deployment decisions that make the most of cloud datacenter efficiency. Streamline data storage and network efficiency.

    Find opportunities to replace carbon-intensive assets with technologies that are more sustainable by design

    Make data-informed decisions about recyclable and repairable devices. Keep an eye toward emissions reduction and circularity.

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  • Optimize the performance of your operations and assets

    Deploy integrated Microsoft technologies that combine data intelligence and automation to help reduce the ESG impact of facilities, fleets, and value chains.

    Use sensor-enabled data management and automated scenarios

    Track and manage energy use and emissions, water consumption and quality, and waste in your buildings, spaces, and equipment. Interact with the energy grid to balance energy supply and demand.

    Reduce the environmental impact of fleets and transportation

    Monitor and reduce fleet-generated emissions and support an EV infrastructure. Promote shared mobility strategies and optimize routes and logistics.

    Promote transparency and accountability through your value chain

    Increase visibility into ESG performance data from suppliers and trading partners, upstream and downstream. Improve transparency, traceability, and lifecycle management of products and materials.

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  • Invest in innovation to help you prepare for the future

    Get ahead of ESG risks and optimize investment decisions to enhance growth and resilience.

    Monitor and mitigate ESG risks

    Use predictive risk modeling and AI-driven scenario planning to prepare for sustainability risks both to your business and how the business impacts people and planet. Predict demand and optimize inventories and logistics.

    Make strategic investments to support your ESG strategy

    Use data and AI solutions such as IoT, digital twins, and high-performance compute to inform new sustainable products, services, and business models. Identify opportunities to create efficiencies and build resilience by revamping business practices.

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Explore our latest Cloud for Sustainability solutions

Microsoft Sustainability Manager

Discover the extensible solution that enables you to more easily record, report, and reduce your organization’s environmental impact—now available in Essentials and Premium versions. Gain actionable insights through increasingly automated data connections.

Emissions Impact Dashboard

Calculate your cloud footprint using Power BI template apps and validated carbon accounting with the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Azure and the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365.

Environmental Credit Service (Preview)

Help trace and standardize the origination process for carbon credits and other environmental assets, from creation through retirement, using a common infrastructure.

Project ESG Lake (Preview)

Centralize and standardize data from across business units and supply chains in a comprehensive ESG data estate, ready for advanced analytics and reporting.

CSRD template in Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager (Preview)

Help your organization prepare for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) by collecting data and evidence aligned to preliminary European Sustainability Reporting Standards. The template will evolve as new standards are adopted.

Azure Data Manager for Agriculture (Preview)

Make farm data more readily available to drive innovation and insights with this extension of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform that includes industry-specific data connectors and capabilities.

See how organizations are driving efficiencies that are good for business and the planet

Grupo Bimbo accelerates its sustainability journey with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

The Mexican multinational producer of baked goods and snacks is deploying Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to collect, track, and analyze strategic metrics of its sustainability strategy.

Ingredion makes the world a better place with powerful sustainability data

The plant-based ingredients provider works with industries ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals. The company chose Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to replace manual data collection protocols at its global facilities.

FLSmidth adopt’s Microsoft solutions for industry-wide sustainability transformation

FLSmidth believes Microsoft technologies can help it become the sustainability leader in the mining and cement industries by measuring, tracking, analyzing, and reporting its progress, all while delivering greater insights from its sustainability data.

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Take the next steps on your sustainability journey

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Find out why sustainability is good for business

Read this executive playbook to find out how reducing carbon emissions can benefit your business as well as the environment.

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Transform with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Hear from Microsoft sustainability thought leaders and engineers about advancing sustainability progress and transforming your business with Cloud for Sustainability.

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Explore Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Get an in-depth look at the technical details of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.

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Explore Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability partners

Build for the future with experienced solution providers. See all Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability partner solutions.

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