Microsoft at COP26

Accelerating the shift to net zero

Get informed about COP26, the UN conference where public and private sectors tackled solutions for a net-zero carbon economy.

Microsoft and the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021.

Collaborating for climate solutions

As moderators, guest speakers, and panelists, see how Microsoft helped move the needle faster at COP26.

Nov 1 – Carbon accounting and the path forward

In this session, panelists discussed the gaps in today’s carbon emissions measurement and the impact on investments, emissions progress, and climate equity; and they outlined possible solutions.

Nov 1 – Smart cities are sustainable cities

This session explored urban sustainability and the role of public-private partnerships.

Nov 2 – Business, human rights, and the Just Transition

This roundtable addressed the human rights impacts of climate action and the need to align with the Just Transition of the Paris Agreement.

Nov 5 – Going negative on carbon

This session announced new developments in atmospheric carbon dioxide removal and storage.

Windmills in an open field.

Nov 5 – Accelerating climate finance for nature

In this talk, corporate and government leaders discussed actions needed to better allocate capital to support climate targets.

Nov 6 – Nature and land use to meet Paris goals

This event explored how technology can support local knowledge to help identify areas of critical action.

Nov 8 – Building the market for scaling carbon removal

This workshop brought public and private sectors together to focus on the carbon removals—and mindset—needed to stay on track to 1.5 degrees.

Nov 8 – Adaptation and resilience

This panel examined resilience gaps at the local level and how emerging knowledge and technology can provide solutions.

Nov 8 – Net-zero transformation

It will take ambition and leadership to build an inclusive, net-zero economy by 2050. Panelists discussed how corporate alignment via robust long-term and interim targets will reduce carbon emissions while strengthening climate equity and global action.

Climate challenges require innovation and leadership

As a COP26 Principal Partner, we focused on lighting up possibilities for turning complex challenges into opportunity.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Microsoft, our vision for sustainability includes meeting the economic, societal, and environmental needs of today and of future generations. And using technologies like data science and AI to help get there.

Carbon negative by 2030

Water positive by 2030

Zero waste by 2030

AI for ecosystems

2020 Environmental Sustainability Report

Get insights from our last decade of actions, results, and lessons learned.

Customers deploying powerful digital solutions for sustainability

Learn about organizations worldwide that are integrating Microsoft Cloud-based solutions to drive progress.

Introducing Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Preview the extensible solution that helps you record, report, and reduce the environmental impact of your enterprise and value chain.