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Emissions Impact Dashboard

Estimate your carbon emissions—and emissions you’ve already saved—related to using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 cloud services. Make targeted decisions to help create new efficiencies around cloud usage.

Cloud carbon tracking for your path to net zero

  • Monitor the carbon impact of your cloud usage, using Power BI template apps and validated carbon accounting. Track direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions related to your cloud usage. Easily share your findings via cloud data export.
  • Calculate the emissions your organization has already avoided by moving on-premises workloads to the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Learn about our third party–validated methodology for calculating Microsoft Scope 3 emissions and providing those insights to you through Emissions Impact Dashboard.

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Emissions Impact Dashboard for Azure

Track your emissions related to your Azure services usage.
  • Includes emissions data related to Azure and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Extends across all three scopes of emissions with a third party–validated methodology.
  • Uses consistent and accurate carbon accounting.

Emissions Impact Dashboard for M365

Track your emissions related to using Microsoft 365 core cloud services.
  • Includes emissions data related to Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and other services.
  • Extends across all three scopes of emissions with a third party–validated methodology. 
  • Requires a business, enterprise, or education subscription for Microsoft 365 or Office 365.
  • Requires a Power BI Pro license.
Cloud API

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability API (Preview)

Bring emissions data related to your Azure and M365 usage into your apps and dashboards.
  • View usage-based emissions data by scope, type, region, and time period.
  • Extends across all three scopes of emissions with a third party–validated methodology.
  • Preview currently available to approved customers and partners only.

Need broader sustainability data tracking?

Try Microsoft Sustainability Manager—a Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability solution that centralizes data and includes direct connections to Emissions Impact Dashboard.

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