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New ESG reporting requirements are coming soon. Get your data ready.

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Get guidance to shape your organization's journey. Learn about building a strong digital foundation to track and manage sustainability data, speed progress, and control costs while growing business.

Embracing sustainability as opportunity

At Microsoft, we believe that using data-driven sustainability solutions to create efficiencies is critical for meeting the economic, societal, and environmental needs of today and of future generations. We also believe it’s good for business.

Enhance efficiencies

Reduce resource consumption and waste—and operating costs—by adopting cloud-based sustainability solutions.

Improve margins and revenue

Reveal opportunities to develop valuable conservation solutions and sustainable products.

Build brand trust

Boost employee and customer satisfaction by championing measures that support a healthier world.

Your sustainability journey

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, Microsoft cloud–based technology solutions help you create operational and cost efficiencies while moving forward.

Assess your impact

Make full use of your data investments to measure and monitor your environmental footprint.

Accelerate progress

Adopt data-driven solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

Transform your business

Reimagine your business systems and models with innovative digital technologies.

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