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Translations are even easier with “Complications” for Apple Watch

“Complications” are important pieces of information you can see right on the face of an Apple Watch. With the new WatchOS 2, data from apps can be Complications too. Ironically, we’ve used “Complications” to make translation even easier while you are using Translator for your Apple Watch with its companion iPhone app. We also have a couple of brand new features to help you communicate quickly and effectively in all of the languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

With the Apple Watch update:

  • Complications will automatically display common phrases like “good morning” and “goodbye” on the watch face in the local language when you’re abroad. The phrases are based on your location and the time of day.
  • Play back a recent or pinned translation through the watch speaker — no need to pull out your phone. This lets you have your translated words and phrases at the ready when you need them.
  • The new “Time Travel” feature lets you see phrases for a later time of day to make it easier to communicate — for instance, learn how to say “good night” in the local language before dinner so you’re ready to say it when you leave.

The Microsoft Office Team also introduced a host of new features for Office on the iPad Pro, iOS 9, and WatchOS 2. Learn more about the all of the updates to Translator and Office at the Office 365 blog.

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