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Learn to Customize and Edit Machine Translation at MT Summit XV

AMTA’s international machine translation conference, MT Summit XV, kicks off next Friday, October 30 in Miami, Florida. The conference brings together researchers, developers, and users of machine translation (also known as automatic translation) technologies in industry and government. The schedule includes keynote speeches by experts in the field of machine translation, panel discussions, and presentations of submitted and invited papers organized in three program tracks — MT research, commercial MT users, and government MT users.

Microsoft Translator’s Group Program Manager, Chris Wendt, will be presenting Friday October 30 with a hands-on introduction to using a machine translation system and a translation environment. His presentation will show you how to customize and edit machine translation to get the most out of the Microsoft Translator API with the Microsoft Translator Hub and the Microsoft Translator Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF).

The event will be held Friday, October 30 through Tuesday, November 3 at the Hyatt Regency Miami Hotel in Miami, Florida. Learn more at

Hope to see you there!

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