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Microsoft Translator Adds Image Translation to Android

Today, we are announcing several new Microsoft Translator capabilities available for Android users, including instant translation of images. With the new image translation feature in the Translator app for Android, you no longer need to type text or say foreign languages phrases out loud when you see them written on signs, menus, flyers…whatever. Instead you can translate pictures instantly from your phone, with the translation appearing in an overlay above the existing text.

This update of the Microsoft Translator app for Android also includes the new inline translation feature and additional downloadable language packs to use the app when you’re not connected to the Internet. Also available for Android, the new Hub Keyboard Preview app gives you a quicker way to translate as you type.


Image Translation

Using the image translation feature in our Translator app for Android, you can now translate text from your camera to get instant translations of signs and menus. You can also translate saved images such as pictures from emails, the Internet, and social media.

Image translation was added to the Microsoft Translator app for iOS in February, and has been available for the Translator apps for Windows and Windows Phone since 2010.

The new image feature is available in the following languages:

Chinese Simplified French Norwegian
Chinese Traditional German Polish
Czech Greek Portuguese
Danish Hungarian Russian
Dutch Italian Spanish
English Japanese Swedish
Finnish Korean Turkish


Inline Translation

Need a way to translate short phrases while using your Android phone? The new Inline Translation feature has got you covered. If you find a foreign language phrase you need translated, just highlight it and open up your “Other Options” (the three dots after Cut, Copy, and Share). From the list, choose “Translator” and you’ll be able to translate into any of the 50+ languages supported by Microsoft Translator.

This feature can also be used to translate text you are typing into apps, email, and text messages.


Downloadable Language Packs

This release adds 34 languages to the list of available downloadable language packs for use when you’re not connected to the Internet, bringing the total to 43 supported languages. These additional languages were added to the Translator app for iOS earlier this month, and are now available for Android users as well.

The downloadable language packs use Deep Neural Networks, also known as Deep Learning, a state-of-the-art machine learning technology that are able to deliver online-quality translations without an internet connection. This Deep Neural Network technology provides the highest-quality offline translation available on the market.

Downloadable language packs are now available in all of the following languages. Up to date language lists are always available at

Arabic Greek Romanian
Bosnian Hebrew Russian
Bulgarian Hindi Serbian
Catalan Hungarian Slovak
Chinese Simplified Indonesian Slovenian
Chinese Traditional Italian Spanish
Croatian Japanese Swedish
Czech Korean Thai
Danish Latvian Turkish
Dutch Lithuanian Ukrainian
Estonian Malay Urdu
Filipino Norwegian Vietnamese
Finnish Persian Welsh
French Polish  
German Portuguese  


for Android

Not using Google Play as your app store? Want to install Microsoft Translator on your Kindle Fire?
Find alternative download instructions here.


Hub Keyboard Preview App

If you’re looking for an even quicker way to translate text as you’re typing, check out the new Hub Keyboard. The keyboard replaces your phone’s default keyboard to let you translate instantly while you type text messages or within other apps. No need to copy and paste from Translator, or even to highlight the text.

After you’ve clicked into a text box you want to type in, just press the Translator icon, type your message in the original language, and tap the translation to enter the translation rather than the original language. The app can translate short messages into any of our supported languages.

The Hub Keyboard Preview is now available in English in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Hub Keyboard

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