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Back-to-School: How Translator Helps English Language Learners Overseas

Sara Mata, a Certified K-12 Reading Specialist, recently learned about Microsoft Translator and how this tool can help with reading comprehension for her remote English Language Learners (ELL) from China.

While attending the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in Chicago, Sara came across a demo of Microsoft Translator and realized immediately how this technology could impact her remote reading comprehension sessions with James, a Chinese student, who is a visual learner.

Although Sara uses tools such as Skype to share her live presentation, there wasn’t a way to provide live captions in English while simultaneously viewing captions in the student’s native language.

Discovering the Microsoft Translator live feature has changed the way Sara engages with her students. As a visual learner, James can now follow along with Sara’s English captions, while also viewing the translation in his native language.


James expressed his enthusiasm with the following quote: “Ms. Mata, the Translator helped me feel so much more comfortable during my lesson, and I even learned new vocabulary!”

To learn more about how Microsoft Translator helps engage English Language Learners using live, translated captioning, read Sara Mata’s blog.

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