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Қазақ тілі, қош келдің! (Welcome, Kazakh!)

Baytarek Tower in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons.


Today we are happy to announce that in our ongoing mission to break down language barriers, we have added Kazakh to the Microsoft Translator family of languages. Known as Qazaqsha or Qazaq Tili, there are about 22 million Kazakh speakers in Kazakhstan, Western China, Western Mongolia, Southern Russia, and around the world.

Kazakh is available now, or will be available within the next few days, on all Microsoft Translator apps, add-ins, Office, Translator for Bing, and through the Azure Cognitive Services Translator for businesses and developers.

The Kazakh Language

Kazakh is in the family of Turkic languages, which also includes languages such as Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, and Uyghur. Kazakh can be written in three different alphabets, with the Cyrillic alphabet used in Kazakhstan and Mongolia, and the Arabic alphabet used in China. In Kazakhstan there is also an initiative to formally adopt the Latin alphabet as the official script. You can now translate between Cyrillic Kazakh to or from any of the more than 60 Microsoft Translator languages.

Below are some examples of words and phrases in Kazakh

English Kazakh (Cyrillic) Pronunciation
Hi! Сәлем! Sallem!
How are you? Қалайсыз? Qalayhsiz?
Fine, thank you. Рақмет, жақсы. Rakhmet, jaqsy.

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