Microsoft Translator Speech API

Microsoft Translator Speech API, part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services API collection, is a cloud-based machine translation service. The API enables businesses to add end-to-end, real-time, speech translations to their applications or services. Based on the industry standard REST technology, it can be used to build applications, tools, or any solution requiring multi-language speech translation regardless of the target OS or development languages.

Built for business, Microsoft Translator is a proven, customizable, and scalable solution for machine translation. Microsoft Translator technology powers speech translation features across Microsoft products, including Skype Translator, and the Microsoft Translator iOS and Android Apps.

Speech translation is available from several languages. Speech-to-text translation is available from any of these languages and to all of Translator’s 60 supported languages.

Try the Translator speech API – as a free open source app on You will first need to sign-up for a free 2-hour subscription.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Deep Learning based speech recognition engine tuned for real-life conversations vs. human to machine command.

True Text

TrueText adjusts the text to remove misrecognitions due to disfluencies or lack of punctuations.

Translator Text Translation
(Speech Category)

The text is translated to/from any of the 8 languages for speech-to-speech translation, or any of the 60 languages for speech-to-text translation.

Text to Speech

The text is converted into speech output using speech synthesis. This stage is omitted in speech-to-text translation scenarios.

Learn more about machine translation and how Microsoft Translator works.

Where can you use speech translation?

Microsoft Translator can be used to cost-effectively expand the reach and improve the experience across a variety of use cases.

Let’s look into a bit more details on a few of these use cases:

  • Real Time Presentation Translation: Translate what a speaker says into 60 languages and enable users to follow a presentation or class by providing them with real-time subtitling, in the language of their choosing. Additionally, if saved, they can be used as presentation transcripts in multiple languages.
  • One-to-one in-Person or Remote Communications: A typical use case example of product solutions are the Microsoft Translator apps (for in person) and Skype Translator (for distance communication).
  • Customer Support: When your Call Center is experiencing an abnormally high-volume of calls, the integration of Microsoft Translator speech API into your infrastructure will add extra coverage for support. Or if there are special events that cause an influx of foreign language speakers into your customer service area, Microsoft Translator can extend your language offering (sporting/cultural events, tourist season, etc.)
  • Business Intelligence: Analyze your audio files by translating them into searchable text for your business decision makers to provide insights on sentiment analysis, customer service call logs analysis to identify trends on issues or identify early or new problems.
  • Media Subtitling: Provide automatic close captioning and subtitling in 60 languages for your live or recorded media events: webcast, broadcasts and when you’re offline use Azure Media Services.
  • Multi-Lingual AI Interactions: Enable natural multi-lingual interaction with your AI powered solutions by integrating Speech translation in the experience.

Why Choose Microsoft Translator for your Project?

Built for enterprise
  • Proven solution for global enterprise customers
  • Growing, high-quality offering of languages
  • Works across devices and operating systems
  • Adapts to enterprise workflows and products
  • Running on Microsoft Data centers: Scalable to support large scale applications such as Skype Translator
  • Free for small volumes up to 2 hours per month, discounts for larger volumes and enterprise agreement customers

Customer Implementation Examples

  • Speech API Blog Announcement
  • Tele 2 of Sweden, a leading mobile operator with more than 15 million subscribers in over 15 countries, integrated Translator into their PBX to support real-time phone calls translations on their cellular network.
  • LionBridge (Boston, MA), a language service provider and Gold Level Translator partner, developed an integrated video subtitling solution.
  • ProDeaf, an application vendor specializing in developing technologies to support the hard-of-hearing and deaf communities, integrated the new API into their sign language avatar app to enable multi-lingual support of speech to sign scenarios.

Try out the speech API with our open source Speech Translator app, on GitHub.

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