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In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 to include Section 508, which requires US federal government agencies to “give disabled employees and members of the public access to electronic information and technology that is comparable to access available to others.” Agencies must also consider accessibility when they purchase or use information technology.

A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is a standardized form developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to document whether a product meets key Section 508 regulations. Federal procurement officers and other buyers can use completed templates to help evaluate products they’re considering.

Microsoft has a long-standing commitment to building products and solutions that enable people of all ages and abilities to interact with platform tools and services on a common ground. Microsoft demonstrates this continued commitment by offering detailed VPATs for many of its cloud core services, describing the accessibility features of those services. Because the Microsoft Cloud comprises many services, individual VPATs are provided for specific components and capabilities.

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