Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) Content Protection & Security (CPS) Standard

Azure is certified to the Content Delivery and Security Assoc. Content Protection and Security standard.

Microsoft and CDSA - CPS Standard

The Microsoft Azure Media Services CSMS has been validated by the CDSA, awarding Azure Media Services certification to this standard. Microsoft demonstrated a proof of risk assessment against the CPS standard requirements. We also filed a comprehensive Statement of Applicability that articulated the content protection features of Azure Media Services. Microsoft is committed to continuing the annual CDSA audits, as well as maintaining the internal audits and controls necessary to retain CPS certification.

The CPS certification provides a standards-based method of assuring our customers and yours that the intellectual property rights of media assets stored, managed, and distributed from within Azure are protected. Furthermore, you can use Azure CPS certification toward your own CPS certification efforts.

Azure Media Services was the first hyperscale cloud media platform to offer encryption on the fly for both Video On Demand and live-streaming broadcasts. Azure Media Services provides a number of security-enhanced upload channels for content, including the ExpressRoute private network connection to Azure, UDP upload via the Aspera client, and HTTPS upload over the Internet.

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Microsoft in-scope cloud services

Audits, reports and certificates

Microsoft has successfully completed the six-month renewal of the CDSA CPS certification, and Azure is now on an annual audit cycle.

CDSA Overview

The Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) is a worldwide forum advocating for the innovative and responsible delivery and storage of entertainment, software, and information content.

The CDSA Content Protection & Security (CPS) Standard provides guidance and requirements for securing media assets within a Content Security Management System (CSMS). The standard specifies a set of controls designed to ensure the integrity of intellectual property and the confidentiality and security of media assets at every stage of the digital media supply chain.

The CPS certification audit is administered directly by the CDSA and consists of over 300 distinct controls that help secure and manage physical datacenters, harden services, and protect storage facilities. All controls are optimized to handle sensitive and valuable media assets. Once a system is validated by the CDSA assessor, the CDSA issues a certificate of compliance. To maintain compliance, the certified entity must submit the results of annual audits to the CDSA.

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Frequently asked questions

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The standard applies to any provider that wants to provide cloud services to the media production industry.

For guidance, refer to the CDSA Azure implementation guide. To discuss specific requirements and the application process for CPS Standard Certification Program, please contact the CDSA.

Yes. You can build on Azure CPS certification within your own CPS certification effort by using the security and encryption features in Azure.