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    When you entrust your data to the Microsoft Cloud, you will have questions. Where is it and who can access it? What is Microsoft doing to protect it? How is Microsoft complying with regulatory requirements? How can you verify that Microsoft is doing what it says?

    The Microsoft Trust Center has the answers. Because it’s your data, you decide who has access, and you work with us to decide where it is located. To safeguard your data, we use advanced security technology and cryptography. Our compliance is independently audited, and we’re transparent on many levels—from how we handle legal demands for your customer data to the security of our code. We offer detailed trust information on each of our cloud services.

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    What’s new

    Satya Nadella and Brad Smith announce A Cloud for Global Good, a book they are promoting on tour in Europe that articulates Microsoft’s policy vision for a trusted, responsible, and inclusive cloud.

    AIG offers business interruption coverage for the Microsoft Cloud. Insurance giant AIG is now offering enhanced interruption insurance to identified Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 customers when quoting a new or renewal CyberEdge policy.