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Microsoft Professional Services

Discover Professional Services that provide enterprise services, consulting, and support solutions while protecting the data you entrust to us.

About Microsoft support and consulting services

Become a digital business with the help of Professional Services. Rely on proactive advisory services and a managed customer experience tailored to your unique IT environment—while helping to protect the privacy and security of your data. Take advantage of a worldwide team of technical architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals that provide rapid response to unplanned events, Our Professional Services support teams offer continuous hands-on assistance and immediate escalation of urgent issues to help you keep your mission-critical systems running. We also help you evaluate your IT health and provide the staff training, risk assessments, strategic advice, and tools your teams need to support a healthy IT environment.

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Notice regarding General Data Protection Regulation Contractual Commitments

Protecting your data is our top priority and is critical to all Professional Services. Our customers expect rigorous control and careful handling when it comes to their data, so our security program is based on defense in-depth, industry-leading physical, logical, and data security, including encryption, access control, and network hardening.

Professional Services is secure by design, providing the data protection you require. Rigorous control and careful handling of your data is fundamental to every part of our process at every layer. Continuous monitoring, penetration testing, and the application of strict security controls—as well as robust operational processes—help make Microsoft online services more resilient and resistant to attack.

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We understand that customers will use Professional Services only if they can trust us to help protect the privacy of their data and that it will be used in a way that is consistent with our customers’ expectations. You can be assured that the Professional Services organization adheres to the privacy guidelines set forth in the Microsoft privacy policies and the Microsoft Privacy Standard:

  • We collect and use support and consulting data only to provide support and consulting services.
  • We do not use your account credentials to troubleshoot issues on your behalf.
  • We do not mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
  • We maintain an active training and awareness program designed to reinforce our policies on the access, use, and safeguarding of support and consulting data.

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Professional Services has operationalized data protection into a scalable, formalized, verifiable process that enables organizations to adapt quickly to security trends and industry-specific needs. Professional Services engages in regular risk assessments and develops and maintains a governance framework that meets the latest standards. For an additional level of governance and to enable deeper customer trust, our compliance is verified through independent third-party audits and certifications—so you can be confident that the data you provide us meets stringent industry safeguards.

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Our Professional Services organization customers are informed—through clearly stated policies and procedures—where their support and consulting data is stored. We provide easy to understand information on how we help secure support and consulting data, as well as who can access it and under what circumstances.

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