Business Practices

Microsoft Geopolitical Policy Statement

Microsoft products and services development includes a vigorous, multi-level review process to help ensure that text, symbols, images, and graphics are evaluated for worldwide suitability. For more than 10 years, the Geopolitical Policy team in the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group has directed these efforts and provided the tools and resources for geopolitical content quality.

Microsoft uses a combination of proprietary tools, guidelines, and standards to find potentially sensitive content. This process occurs throughout the product development cycle to identify content that may be inappropriate or unacceptable in some locales.

The Geopolitical Policy team also maintains an advisory group of Microsoft employees worldwide who are willing to lend their unique, locale-based perspective on geopolitical content questions. Expert guidance and escalation processes are in place to address geopolitical content questions and requests as they arise.

Our long-term investment in geopolitical content quality helps Microsoft bring the best possible products and services to market. This investment is one way to help ensure customers have a better, more trustworthy experience with Microsoft products and services.