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UltraCam Eagle

The Microsoft UltraCam Eagle represents a revolution in digital photogrammetric camera systems and sets new industry standards for digital aerial photography, enabling customers to soar to new heights with their mapping projects.

UltraCam Eagle builds on the award winning UltraCam legacy and reputation, establishing Microsoft's UltraCam "third generation" architecture. With the UltraCam Eagle Microsoft introduces a modular housing concept, setting a new standard in component integration, which reduces sensor head size and balances weight. The updated sensor head offers an exchangeable lens system with three different focal lengths - a ground breaking enhancement in digital photogrammetry - and is specifically designed for high-resolution digital aerial photography. UltraCam Eagle also features filters with curved characteristics and silent-board camera electronics, further ushering in revolutionary aerial photogrammetric technology.

Embedded in the integrated component package is UltraNav, a flight management and georeferencing system that includes state-of-the-art GNSS-Inertial technology, pilot displays, and flight-planning software. The result is an ultra-reliable, ultraefficient, ultra-large-footprint camera that screams through image acquisitions, captures the smallest details, and enables direct and swift flights that are not limited by technology.


UltraCam brochure
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