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UltraCam Osprey Features

The UltraCam Osprey camera is designed so that the oblique and nadir images overlap. Oblique image cones are mounted rigidly in the camera with photogrammetric grade accuracy and are calibrated with respect to geometry and radiometry. Enhanced by the oblique and nadir image overlap, the oblique image orientation can be further improved by automated tie point matching. Offering 3D generation and state-of-the-art electronics under one sensor head, UltraCam Osprey is taking photogrammetry to new levels.

UltraCam Osprey features cutting-edge technology, including:
  • Combines a high performing photogrammetric nadir camera with oblique capture capability.
  • 3rd generation custom electronics deliver a 1 frame per 1.8 second frame rate.
  • An integrated package that contains all components in the sensor head, including an optional embedded OEM UltraNav GPS/INS/FMS system, and modular solid-state storage, providing flexibility for onboard orientation of equipment.
  • An in-flight exchangeable solid-state image storage system to store more than 4,200 images, resulting in minimal ground time.
  • Panchromatic nadir image size 11,674 * 7,514 pixels, with a panchromatic nadir physical pixel size of 6.0 μm, offered by the latest CCD technology, new custom lenses and filters, and silent-board camera electronics.
  • A user-focused interface with touchscreen technology to ease configuration and operation and allow in-flight control of each image.
  • Power consumption at full performance, including computer and storage module: 350 watts

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