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UltraCam Osprey Prime Technical

Image Product Specification
  • Image units: Nadir Pan, Nadir RGB, Nadir IR, Oblique Forward, Backward, Left, Right, RGB
  • Image storage format in level 2: Full resolution panchromatic, separate color channels at color resolution (Nadir and oblique)
  • Color at level 3: full resolution R, G, B, Near-IR channels, planar or pixel-interleaved (Nadir and oblique)
Camera Digital Sensor Subsystem     
  • Panchromatic nadir image size: 11,674 * 7,514 pixels
  • Panchromatic nadir physical pixel size: 6.0 μm
  • Panchromatic lens focal distance: 80 mm
  • Input data quantity per image: 1050 MB
  • Color (RGB Bayer pattern) oblique image size forward, backward, left and right image: 8,900 * 6,650 pixels
  • Oblique lens focal distance: 120 mm
  • Maximum frame rate < 1.8 seconds per frame
  • CCD signal to noise ratio: 72 dB; CCD image dynamic: 14 bit; workflow dynamic: 16 bit
  • Physical dimensions of the camera; including computer and storage module: 43 cm x 43 cm x 76 cm
  • Weight of the camera; including computer and storage module: ~ 68 kg
  • Power consumption at full performance; including computer and storage module: ~350 W
Camera Computer and Data Storage Subsystem     
  • Solid state disc pack, with RAID system for data protection
  • Unlimited with use of multiple data units with approximately 4 TB (4200 images) per unit
Camera Operational Specification     
  • Data recording time @ 10 cm GSD, 60 percent forward overlap, 140 kts @ 8 hours per data unit
  • Image geometric accuracy: better ±2 μm

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