UltraNav is a Flight Management and Direct Georeferencing solution fully embedded in the UltraCam sensor head. Based on the industryleading POSTrack from Applanix, the UltraNav is designed to maximize the aerial mapping efficiency. The solution is available in four different configurations: 310, 410 and 510. All IMUs used for UltraNav are ITAR free for a maximum of operational flexibility.

UltraNav features state-of-the-art GNSS-inertial technology to reduce the number of GCP’s and flight lines. Camera parameter setting and exposure triggering is done by UltraNav as well as automatic mount stabilization, resulting in precise ground coverage and precise image overlap, reducing airtime. Pilot and operator displays connect directly to the camera head for mission guidance and in-flight quality control. For intuitive mission planning with full DEM support and sophisticated GPS/INS processing office software is included, resulting in gap-free collections, consistent stereo coverage and upmost accuracy and reliability.

GNSS-Inertial Direct Georeferencing + Flight Management System
  • It doesn’t get any easier than this! No external computers are required, which reduces the amount of boxes, cables and connectors, increases flexibility and makes handling much easier compared to a stand-alone solution. With an integrated UltraNav, the camera has the necessary connectors to connect operator display or laptop, pilot display, GPS antenna and stabilized mount directly to the camera.
  • Flight planning is simplified and risk of operating errors is reduced. The UltraNav data is stored on the data units of the camera system and copied with the image data during standard data download via UltraMap. In addition, a backup for the GPS/INS data on an internal card is generated automatically.

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