Web Events 2011

December 13, 2011

Web Seminar: UltraMap v3.0 Tech Preview

Since the 2006 acquisition of Vexcel by Microsoft, the Virtual Earth/Bing Maps production teams in Boulder, CO and Graz, Austria have been perfecting an automated workflow for rapid production of digital surface and terrain models, high density point clouds, true and traditional ortho photos, and 3D building and terrain models from overlapping imagery collected by the UltraCam digital aerial camera systems. Now these capabilities are coming to UltraCam customers with the coming release of UltraMap 3.0.

Join leaders from Microsoft’s UltraCam product group in this 45-minute presentation to learn about UltraMap, the photogrammetric workflow software offered with the leading selling UltraCam digital aerial camera systems. The webinar will showcase the features of the current version, UltraMap v2.3, and provide a tech preview of UltraMap 3.0 scheduled for release in 2012.

Alexander Wiechert, Microsoft Business Director and Bernhard Schachinger, Microsoft Application Specialist

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June 8, 2011
Web Seminar: UltraCam Eagle and UltraMap 2.2
Join leaders from the Microsoft Photogrammetry team in this 40-minute webinar for an opportunity to see Microsoft’s latest photogrammetric offering recently announced at ASPRS 2011 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: the UltraCam Eagle ultra-large digital aerial camera. The UltraCam Eagle builds on the award-winning UltraCam legacy and reputation, represents a revolution in digital photogrammetric camera systems and sets new industry standards for digital aerial photography.
Also announced at ASPRS 2011 and to be discussed in this webinar is the latest release of the UltraMap photogrammetric workflow software, UltraMap 2.2 that features new improvements to the Framework, the Raw Data Center, the Radiometry and the Viewer. Additionally, UltraMap/AT 2.2 includes significant new features such as a new User Interface and a revised and improved tie point strategy. Further enhancements include increased robustness of the algorithm and improved automation and results.
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May 2, 2011
ASPRS UltraCam User Group Meeting: the Microsoft UltraCam team introduced the UltraCam Eagle, built on the award-winning UltraCam legacy and reputation.Microsoft has further developed nearly every component of the camera, while still delivering a reliable and economical solution that captures breathtaking images.
From its UltraCam User Group meeting at the ASPRS 2011 conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Microsoft’s Photogrammetry division announced the UltraCam Eagle, a new generation of its award-winning UltraCam digital photogrammetric aerial camera systems.
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UltraCam Business UpdateAlexander Wiechert1:25 – 1:35View Recording
Product DevelopmentsMichael Gruber1:35 – 2:35Part 1:
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UltraCam Technology UpdateAlexander Wiechert2:35 – 2:45View Recording
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