Cloud Partners: Sales and Marketing Resources for Microsoft Office 365

imageMicrosoft Office 365 is an incredible offer for businesses of all sizes. To help you position your company as a trusted advisor for cloud-based solutions that include Office 365 to the customers you serve, consider using our prepared marketing materials, campaigns, and services from Ready-to-Go Marketing.

Materials for small business and medium business customers

If your focus is on small businesses or medium businesses, the Office 365 BEST campaign offers end-to-end guidance, from targeting to demand generation to help you identify prospects. You can even set up your website to be automatically updated with Office 365 information through Office 365 web syndication.

Materials for enterprise customers

If your focus is on enterprise customers, the 2013 Productivity campaign addresses trends such as the consumerization of IT, an increasingly mobile workforce, a multigenerational workforce, and the rise of the cloud.

Other recommended resources

  • imageGet training to help you close cloud sales. If you are working to close your first Office 365 sale, or have a couple of Microsoft Online Services deals under your belt already, and are ready for more, register for a Fast-Track boot camp in a city near you. You’ll join Microsoft cloud experts and your local Microsoft team for a one-day training that helps you accelerate your cloud sales. Boot camps are scheduled across the United States throughout February and March.
  • Invite your customers to the Office 365 in Action: Daily Live Demo and Chat so they can see first-hand how Office 365 can help improve the effectiveness of their businesses.
  • Learn about Microsoft Online Services Advisor Incentives by joining the bi-weekly online meeting and call with U.S. channel incentives experts. image


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