Cloud Deployment Partners: FastTrack Pilot Funds Expire Soon

Partners enrolled in the Microsoft Cloud Deployment program have an opportunity to earn up to $3,000 per customer engagement using the new Microsoft Office 365 FastTrack deployment model, if their deployment engagement starts before June 15 and is billed before June 30.

imageOffice 365 FastTrack is a three-step deployment model that helps accelerate the onboarding of Office 365 customers. Office 365 FastTrack demonstrates service value early in the sales cycle and advances customers smoothly through pilot and deployment.

Visit the FastTrack site for your deployment resources.

FastTrack benefits

When FastTrack is used by Cloud Deployment partners, the customer:

  • Pilots the service early and quickly, experiencing the service in just hours
  • Easily moves from pilot to deployment—no throw-away effort, and deployment within days
  • Adds features on its own terms, so that advanced features and new workloads are in use within weeks

How to request your funds

Work with your Microsoft account manager to submit your request.

FastTrack resources

In the Cloud Partner group of the US Partner Community on Yammer, you’ll find two FastTrack presentations:

To join the US Partner Community on Yammer, download our short, step-by-step document.

Cloud Partner resources

Cloud solutions page on the partner portal

Solution selling materials

Microsoft Office 365 learning path