MPN 101: A Microsoft partner program overview


Learn about your options for membership in the Microsoft Partner Network, and the associated benefits you receive, like internal use rights, technical support, marketing materials, and more. Our MPN 101 presentation explains program basics and provides you with links to get further details about your areas of interest.

Watch our narrated presentation

Diane Golshan and Chinmayi Bhavanishankar from the Microsoft US Partner Team walk you through a program overview about the Microsoft Partner Network and explain key benefits, how to obtain support, and your options for staying informed about the program and your opportunities. (Presentation time: 12:10)

Download a copy of the presentation

You can obtain a copy of the latest version of this presentation from the MPN 101 group on our US Partner Community Yammer network. We update the deck from time to time as new information and program updates occur.

Join the MPN 101 group on Yammer

Join the MPN 101 group on the US Partner Community Yammer network. There, we share information about membership benefits and opportunities, and you can ask the questions you have about the Microsoft Partner Network.