Internal Use Rights – A partner benefit that can get lost in everyday “busyness”

by Chinmayi Bhavanishankar, US Partner Experience Manager

imageWe are all racing against time to get work done—meet customers, send and answer emails, find leads, close business, write a blog post, market our businesses, find time for friends and family, etc. Whew!

If you’ve been meaning to get up to speed on how to obtain, access, and activate the Internal Use Rights benefit offered in the Microsoft Partner Network, but it keeps moving down on your to-do list, I’ve put together a quick guide to help find the information you need and get started. Check it off your list today!

What is the MPN Internal Use Rights benefit?

Internal Use Rights (IUR) is a cloud services and on-premises software benefit in the Microsoft Partner Network for Microsoft Action Pack subscribers and partners with a Silver or Gold competency. Microsoft offers internal use licenses to its latest software and cloud services, giving partners the opportunity to use them in their businesses and experience it themselves.

When you qualify for the Internal Use Rights benefit, you have access to:

  • World-class productivity solutions such as the Windows desktop operating system and online or on-premises versions of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Exchange
  • Rich business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Flexible, cross-platform infrastructure management products like Microsoft Systems Center and Microsoft Intune
  • On-premises and on-demand infrastructure with Windows Server and Microsoft Azure

Overview of the Internal Use Rights cloud and software benefit


Why should I use my Internal Use Rights benefit?

Microsoft research indicates that partners that use their internal use right benefit sell three times larger deal sizes than partners that don’t use their IUR benefits. Sales enablement aside, here are four reasons to activate and use your benefit:

  1. Get firsthand knowledge of features and capabilities
  2. Perform internal development and testing on the latest technology
  3. Reduce the cost of running your internal business
  4. Increase productivity of your internal teams

More about the importance of your internal-use benefits to your business

Where can I see my company’s IUR benefit eligibility and utilization?


Your company’s Primary Program Contact is typically the person who has access to information about MPN membership and benefits eligibility and utilization. The name of your company’s Primary Program Contact is in the Organizations tab on your Individual Account home page in the Partner Membership Center.

Here are two resources your Primary Program Contact can use to access internal-use benefit information:

  • View your company’s cloud IUR and on-premises IUR software through your license statement
  • Get a snapshot of your IUR benefit eligibility and consumption in your Partner Summary Report (from any page on the MPN portal: Membership > Reports > Partner summary report)

How does my company get started with the Internal Use benefit?

If your company has purchased a Microsoft Action Pack subscription, or earned a competency, internal use rights for a wide variety of current Microsoft products and services are part of your benefits:

Action Pack

Silver competency

Gold competency

Up to 10 licenses per product

Learn more about Action Pack

Up to 25 licenses per product

Learn more about competencies

License table for competency partners

Up to 100 licenses per product

Learn more about competencies

License table for competency partners

The step-by-step guidance in these Support articles will help you access and activate your internal rights software:

Activate your Office 365 internal-use licenses today with the SkyKick partner offer

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How to obtain support

The Downloads and software section of the Top partner questions library provides answers to the most common questions about internal use rights access and activation. If you need further assistance, here are a couple of ways to engage MPN Support:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Support Community, and post your question in the Internal Use Rights thread of the Partner Membership forum
  2. Sign in to your support benefits and activities page on the MPN portal to see the support options available to your company

The bottom line

Now that you have the information you need, I hope you’ll start today to make the most of this benefit. You’ve earned it—why not use it?

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