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MPN 101: Advanced Support for Partners

by Rami Noujaim, Sr. Manager for Microsoft Partner Technical Services and Chinmayi Bhavanishankar, US Partner Experience Lead This is part 4 in a blog series about partner support benefits that are offered in the Microsoft Partner Network. Part 1: Know your support options Part 2: Technical presales assistance and training benefits Part 3: Unlock additional value by using your Signature Cloud….

Increase your customer connection by offering cloud managed services

In the rapidly changing world of technology, it’s crucial that your partner business is flexible and agile – ready for how business will be conducted in the years ahead. We have already begun to see shifts to the cloud to increase business productivity. As that movement progresses, it’s important to acknowledge the foundation of that shift. Managed services is not a new business….

Dynamics 365 Partner Community: The Common Data Model and its role on Dynamics 365

Welcome to the Dynamics 365 Partner Community blog series for December. This month’s topic is about the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) and its role on Dynamics 365. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of our release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and one of the least understood in terms of its importance to the Dynamics 365 concept. Sign up….

EMS Partner Community: Focus on partner technical and sales resources for enterprise mobility

I am always excited to find a new resource that helps me do my job better, like quality presentation materials, a compelling demo, or great online training. And, when it’s useful to me, I enjoy being able to share my find with my colleagues and partners. This month’s topic in the EMS Partner Community is partner resources for enterprise mobility. I….

Office 365 Partner Community: Focus on Microsoft Teams

Technology continues to increase the opportunities and volume of collaboration within, among, and across teams and organizations. A study conducted by Microsoft indicates that employees participate on nearly twice the number of teams they did five years ago (Microsoft: US Information Worker Survey, 2009 and 2014). Team dynamics are also changing. Teams today comprise a mix of employees and outside vendors. They have members who work remotely….

EMS Partner Community: Trust your authentication – Azure Active Directory

The concept of identity as the new perimeter has moved from being a radical new idea to a truism with information security professionals. It’s a concept that’s also well understood by hackers. The facts are telling – identity compromise has been the cornerstone of most breaches in recent years. That’s no surprise, since successful authentication is frequently all that is….

Build a cloud managed services practice and use Cloud Solution Provider as your foundation

Since WPC 2016 in Toronto, the number of new partners choosing to sell their cloud offerings through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program has increased by 40 percent. As the Microsoft Cloud business evolves and grows, we also want our conversation with you about CSP to evolve and grow, too. Over the past couple of years, we’ve focused primarily on the basics, explaining what….

Data & Analytics Partners: Intelligent Kiosk demo lets you create personalized customer experiences

Introducing the Intelligent Kiosk, a collection of experiences built on top of Microsoft Cognitive Services, and now an official Cognitive Services sample and open source project. Intelligent Kiosk is an ideal demo tool for partners. In this post, I’ll explain how you can access and customize the Intelligent Kiosk resources to incorporate into your demos and offerings. And, in our next….

Dynamics 365 Partner Community: AppSource, Dynamics Learning Portal, and more

Welcome to the Dynamics 365 blog series for November. This month’s focus is on connecting you to the wealth of Microsoft Dynamics resources available to you, including Microsoft AppSource, the Dynamics Learning Portal, and Internal Use Rights and demo benefits. Join us for the next community call on November 8 when we will discuss these resources in detail. Sign up for the November 8….

EMS Partner Community: Introduction to Microsoft Cloud App Security

Have you ever signed up for a cloud-based application on your own to help you get your job done? If so, within minutes of signup it’s likely you were putting company information and data into that application. Did you tell your company you were using it? Did you know whether the application met your company’s security and privacy standards? Odds are….

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