ISV and App Builder partners: Selling to SMBs through distributor cloud marketplaces

Sharon Lee - US ISV and App Builder Community Lead

The Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) marketplaces run by our Indirect Providers in the Cloud Solution Provider program offer ISVs the opportunity to connect to a network of resellers and other Microsoft partners that can help expand the reach of your application. In my conversations with ISV partners, the question about how to achieve scale through distribution comes up frequently.

Here are three pieces of advice from ISV partners that are selling their applications through CSP marketplaces.

1. Understand the size and profile of your target partner type

The US distribution channel is large and focused primarily on small and midsize businesses. Applications sold through CSP marketplaces are bundled and re-sold by Microsoft reseller partners. Your first step is to understand if your application has mutual synergies with reseller partners who sell to SMB customers.

2. Validate your application

Invest time in refining your application using feedback from partners and customers, as their recommendations can help you solidify your SMB and CSP strategy. Once you have validated your application and have some wins through direct sales to the SMB segment, gather these success stories and use them to gain credibility with distributors.

3. Look for and decide on an Indirect Provider CSP marketplace that works for you

Each Indirect Provider’s CSP marketplace has its own criteria for entry and distribution requirements. Take time to find the right Indirect Provider for your application based on their marketplace business model, application transaction cycle, and sales enablement plan.

List of US Indirect Providers

How TeamFusion built its sales channels through CSP

Microsoft ISV partner, TeamFusion, applied these three principles to building new sales channels for their application. TeamFusion’s CEO, Anthony Kapitanski, spent time at local IAMCP chapter meetings and at Microsoft US SMB Live events, using them to meet and network with Microsoft partners selling to SMB and to US SMB field sales representatives. These connections and relationships were instrumental in helping him shape the direction of his product and channel strategy. Today, TeamFusion’s application is part of the CSP marketplace hosted by Indirect Provider, SYNNEX.

You can learn more about TeamFusion’s CSP journey, and about how the Microsoft US SMB team engages with ISVs, distributors, and resellers on the next ISV and App Builder Community call on October 6. We’ll announce incentives for TeamFusion resellers on the call.

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