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Our first topic for 2017 in the Enterprise Mobility + Security Partner Community is Lookout. Lookout has tight integration with EMS, and can add value to the solutions you design for your customers. I’ve invited Clayton Barnard, Senior Director for Global Alliances at Lookout to tell us more about what Lookout does, and how it benefits users. On the January 26 EMS Partner call, Clayton and a team of experts from Lookout will join us for a discussion.

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Introduction to Lookout integration with Microsoft EMS

By Clayton Barnard, Senior Director for Global Alliances at Lookout

In an increasingly mobile-first, cloud-first world, the need for safeguarding corporate resources has never been greater. As such, Lookout, the global leader in securing mobility, has partnered with Microsoft to deliver the integration of Lookout’s Mobile Endpoint Security (MES) with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS).

Lookout’s cloud-based technology accesses a global network of more than 100 million mobile sensors and the world’s largest dataset of mobile code. With this intelligence on the mobile threat landscape, Lookout conducts complex correlations and predicts future risk, identifying threats that would otherwise evade legacy systems.

When mobile threats are detected, the integration between Lookout and Microsoft EMS will enable companies to take action to protect data across users, devices, and applications. Companies will have the ability to include threat intelligence from Lookout into the conditional access policies that they have set up in Microsoft EMS to manage and secure access to cloud and on-premises applications, as well as to selectively wipe corporate data from devices.

This integration allows for the seamless deployment and management of the Lookout client app via Microsoft Intune, integrated policy management for users and groups, and integrated identity with Azure Active Directory for single sign-­on for both end users and administrators.

Conditional access policies within Microsoft Intune allow your customers to protect corporate email, files, and other resources from unauthorized access, based on customizable factors that ensure security and compliance such as location, device and user state, application sensitivity, and risk.

Lookout continuously monitors the device for threats, passing that information directly to EMS to inform conditional access decisions. Lookout protects against threats across three attack vectors

  1. App-­based threats: Trojans, spyware, rootkits, as well as non­compliant apps that leak sensitive data
  2. Network-­based threats: man-­in-­the-­middle and SSL attacks that can steal encrypted data-­in-­transit
  3. OS­-based threats: Advanced jailbreaking of iOS devices and rooting of Android devices

Using Microsoft Intune, the Lookout endpoint app can be easily distributed across corporate mobile devices, allowing for rapid and scalable device provisioning. Lookout provides visibility into malicious threats or the presence of apps that leak sensitive data, informing the assessment by Microsoft Intune of the device’s compliance state. For example, if an employee in the finance department unknowingly downloads a malicious mobile application, Lookout will identify this threat and trigger the Intune conditional access policies to restrict access to corporate data until that threat is remediated.

“The integration between Lookout and Microsoft EMS helps ensure that, despite this increased risk, any enterprise can benefit from mobile productivity with the assurance that their corporate assets are better protected.”  – Brad Anderson

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