Dynamics Partners: Amp up your Twitter, sales tools, and Internet marketing

Nicole Vandenberg, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft US Dynamics Team

Make the most of your marketing budget by taking advantage of offers on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau (MSB). This month, we’re featuring two free offers and value-added services. With approximately 60 offers from Dynamics-savvy marketing firms, MSB on PartnerSource is your one-stop shop for marketing—and boosting your business.

Twitter profile and header graphic design from Mabbit Marketing

When it comes to Twitter account management and optimization, Mabbit Marketing offers intelligent, straightforward social media management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics partners. A Dynamics partner recently said, “The quality of their posts is outstanding.” Mabbit Marketing offers a free Twitter profile and header graphic when you sign up for a Twitter account management package with a six-month commitment.

Sales tools and marketing opportunities for Dynamics Partners from goERPcloud

Free memberships for ISV and VAR Dynamics partners have been opened by goERPcloud:

ISV Partners offer

You can have a company profile, list four products in the goERPcloud Marketplace, provide your marketing assets in the Cloud Resource Library, and submit blog posts on how your solutions solve problems for business.

Value-Added Resellers offer

You can have a profile that integrates into the Free On Demand Dynamics trial app, which embeds into your website in one line of code. You also get the benefits of providing your marketing assets in the Cloud Resource Library and posting blogs on how your company can help businesses solve real challenges.

Develop and enhance your Internet presence with August Ash

Since 1999, August Ash has been helping clients achieve online business success. Their Internet marketing services provide proven strategies, tactics, and tools to increase traffic, and ultimately revenue, for Microsoft Dynamics partners. See why one Dynamics partner called August Ash “a great partner to work with…because of their ability to truly understand our marketing/website needs.”


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