Build a Cloud Ready partner business: Workshops in Chicago and New York


Sharon Lee - US Partner Team Lead for Cloud Ready

Building a partner business that’s cloud ready requires a commitment to assessing your current business model, then planning for and making changes to your business that support cloud-based revenue streams. This commitment involves creating cloud-related proofs of concept, identifying new monthly recurring revenue opportunities, and crafting cloud solution bundles that you can resell and provide ongoing management services to your customers.

To help partners assess, plan, and prepare their businesses, we’ve created Cloud Ready, a consulting offering for Microsoft partners that starts with an in-person, interactive workshop, then provides a follow-on nurture engagement to help you continue your cloud transformation journey. Cloud Ready workshops are coming to Chicago, IL on March 28 and New York, NY on March 30.

In-person workshop

During the workshop, you’ll learn how to create a pragmatic and actionable plan for transforming your business, through instruction that covers these topics:

  • Design your cloud business model
  • Hack the Microsoft cloud solution stack and package a cloud based solution
  • Create a proof of concept
  • Identify monthly recurring revenue opportunities
  • Build compelling cloud customer offers

Nurture engagement

Following the workshop, we’ll nurture you over the next several weeks, with content that helps you along your cloud transformation journey. You’ll have access to webcasts, office hours with subject-matter experts, and newsletters that provide guidance and offers from Microsoft and our partners.

Sign up for a Cloud Ready workshop

Tuesday, March 28 in Chicago, IL

Thursday, March 30 in New York, NY

Prerequisite: Complete the 15-minute Cloud Ready Assessment prior to attending the workshop

Partner success stories

Since May 2016, Cloud Ready partners have built a pipeline of over $35 million in potential cloud revenue and won more than 30 new customers.

Profile: James Farhat, CEO of ACT Solutions

Profile: Dan Gordon, CEO of Intivix/MyWorkDrive

Start your cloud journey today

Take the 15-minute Cloud Ready Assessment to help you identify your company’s current level of cloud readiness.

If you’re not able to join us for an in-person workshop, check out our series of short, actionable Cloud Ready videos.

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