April 6, 2017

Empower employees in the digital workplace with Secure Productive Enterprise

By Diane Golshan


Joel Borellis, US GM Partner Enablement

Every day at Microsoft, we think about how we can bring the highest value to your development and growth as a Microsoft partner to move toward increased sales and profitability. This month, we’re creating a moment in time of increased customer-related activity. We invite you to skill up and join us for Digital Transformation Days to Empower Employees with Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise, and contribute to building momentum in engaging customers to showcase Secure Productive Enterprise solutions.

The goal of Digital Transformation Days is to engage customers in these conversations and show the value of Secure Productive Enterprise workloads, including Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. To support this, we’re focusing efforts on enabling partners to tell and sell the story about Secure Productive Enterprise.

The partner opportunity with Secure Productive Enterprise

Four pillars for Secure Productive Enterprise

This is an exciting time. The modern workplace has created a major shift in the way people work. Information is abundant, experiences and data must easily move across multiple devices, and collaboration is critical as the workforce becomes more mobile and more global. At the same time, security has never been more challenging as attacks have become more advanced and targeted, with the average total data breach costing $4 million, according to a recent Ponemon Institute study.

Secure Productive Enterprise delivers the capabilities to empower employees in a digital workplace.

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Build your Secure Productive Enterprise knowledge and skills

Take advantage of the courses and resources below to prepare to deliver the Empower Employees Secure Productive Enterprise pitch at a high level, and then go deeper into your area of expertise, such as mobility, security, and collaboration.

Empowering Employees Secure Productive Enterprise

Resources by area of expertise

Windows 10 Enterprise

Do great things. The best Windows ever keeps getting better

Enterprise Mobility + Security

Holistic, innovative security for your transition to mobility & cloud

Office 365

The most complete, secure cloud productivity service

Sign up for the April 26 call for Windows and Devices Partners Sign up for the April 27 call for Enterprise Mobility + Security Partners Watch the April 6 call for Office 365 Partners on demand

Public Sector

ISV and Application Builders

Seize the opportunity

The goal of the US Partner Enablement organization is to keep you skilled and knowledgeable of industry standards and Microsoft technologies and products, and enable you to do your best.

Do this by engaging with us.

Use the resources and training above, and join us for Digital Transformation Days to Empower Employees with Microsoft Secure Productive Enterprise. Make a commitment to yourself, and your business, to skill up so you are the trusted advisor customers turn to for engaging employees’ conversations or digital transformation conversations.

I look forward to joining you on this readiness journey. Take the time to build your confidence to tell the empowering employees story, and increase your ability to sell Secure Productive Enterprise solutions.

Watch the Secure Productive Enterprise opportunity video     Secure Productive Enterprise resources on Drumbeat     Secure Product Enterprise product information

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