Generate new leads, stand out, and drive sales with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau


Nicole Vandenberg, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft US Dynamics Team

This month, we’re featuring three members of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau (MSB) that are known for helping partners generate new leads, stand out from the crowd, and drive sales. Check out what, INhouse Video, and ViaMetric have to offer at your one-stop marketing shop: MSB on PartnerSource. You’ll also find marketing services from 12 other Dynamics-seasoned firms, each of which have been recommended by at least one Dynamics partner in the last year. Make the most of your marketing with MSB!

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Generate new leads with MSDynamicsWorld

The Integrated Lead Generation Program from produces a high-quality flow of new leads, month after month. By promoting and exposing your marketing content—white papers, customer case studies, solution brochures, and videos—to highly qualified prospects, you’ll be able to download leads directly from your own lead portal. Check out this offer and five more, including one that’s free, on the Marketing Services Bureau.

Let INhouse Video help you stand out from the crowd

Simple, cost-effective marketing videos can help you stand out from the crowd. INhouse Video manages the entire process, from video strategy creation to production and distribution. Through the Marketing Services Bureau, INhouse Video offers a waist-up style, professionally edited video, with an employee and/or customer talking into a camera for approximately two minutes. Typical videos help you demo products, answer FAQs, convey thought leadership, share customer success stories, or promote events. INhouse Video works with Microsoft partners in 12 different countries, helping them make engaging videos without expensive film crews or staff.

Drive sales opportunities through targeted, qualified leads from ViaMetric

Drive sales opportunities through targeted, qualified leads from ViaMetric, a list broker and lead-generation firm known for delivering qualified, pain-based leads, guaranteed. With three offers on the Marketing Services Bureau, ViaMetric delivers guaranteed qualified appointments or “very warm” leads for your sales team, or a guaranteed email prospect list. See why one partner said “ViaMetric has shown the highest level of professionalism…we look forward to continuing our partnership.”


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