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For the April 25 Open Source Solutions Partner Community call, we’ll take a look at a demo framework that simplifies delivery of open source demos on Microsoft Azure and helps you optimize your sales cycle. The framework comprises automation scripts that allow users to provision a demo quickly. For example, if you need to demonstrate a .NET application running on Linux and orchestrated by Kubernetes, the demo framework provisions the required components and Azure services automatically, within minutes.

Created by the Open Source Black Belt team and the Open Source Practice Development Unit, this open source community tool for creating demos on Azure helps foster partner collaboration, and increases the integration of partners into the field selling process.

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About the demo framework

The demo framework is designed to help open source infrastructure and application development Systems Integrators (SI) quickly and effectively demonstrate Microsoft Azure features. Using the framework, partners can create open source demos on Azure that highlight their capabilities. The demos should be used early in the sales cycle to show business value to the customer.

Getting started with the demo framework

In preparation for installing the framework, you’ll need the following:

To install the framework, use these resources:

Once the framework is installed, you can install the demos built by the community:

Demo 1: Application flexibility with open source

The first demo shows an ASP.NET Core app running on multiple open source hosting options:

  • Docker on two load-balanced Linux virtual machines
  • Kubernetes Cluster (Linux)
  • ASP.NET PaaS (Linux)

In this demo, customers can see the portability of a containerized application across various hosting technologies. As shown in the diagram below, this portability provides the customer with the flexibility to choose their level of control.

Azure Compute Platform Overview

Demo 2: Microservices, open source, and Azure

Shows a fully functioning Microservices ecommerce application (eShop). This reference application proposes a simplified microservice oriented architecture implementation to introduce technologies like .NET Core with Docker containers through a comprehensive application. This application helps developers to easily get started in the world of Docker containers and microservices with .NET Core.

Technologies used in the demos

In the two demos above, Ansible is used as the provisioning tool to configure the demo framework and the demonstrations. To monitor the demos, Microsoft Operations Management Suite and Microsoft Azure Application Insights are configured and utilized. Video walkthroughs of these technologies are available in the OSS Partner Yammer group.

The partner opportunity

We invite SIs and ISVs to contribute to the OSS on Microsoft Azure demo framework to highlight open source technology and ISV integration. Get acquainted with and use the demo framework to publish demos to a common repository for the community to utilize. Through your contributions to the demo framework, you can showcase your company’s unique capabilities and skills to customers, to other partners, and to Microsoft.

Here are scenarios the community is already working on:

Application development


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