Five Marketing Services Bureau promotions for Dynamics Partners

Nicole Vandenberg, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft US Dynamics Team

With the end of the Microsoft fiscal year coming up at the end of June, we’re increasing our promotion of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services Bureau members. In this fifth month of the year, we’re featuring five MSB offers to help you drive a strong close to fiscal year 2017 and to kick off fiscal year 2018 (starting July 1) on a positive note. You’ll find about 60 more marketing offers on MSB on PartnerSource, all from Dynamics-savvy companies that can drive your business forward. Don’t wait – these offers are available only until June 30.

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Subscribe to Hoover’s for as little as $990 per year

Dun & Bradstreet Hoover’s Researcher helps you prospect for new clients or uncover critical cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with your current customer base—all with one powerful tool. Combining comprehensive information and powerful tools, Hoover’s Researcher has the versatility to help you build new relationships with great prospects and make the most out of existing ones with your clients. Through the Marketing Services Bureau, Dynamics partners can get this invaluable resource for as little as $990 per year, reflecting 50-60 percent off retail pricing.

Let N3 create your customized landing page for as little as $2,750

Let N3 create your customized landing page that resonates with your audience—for as little as $2,750. This special offer through MSB on PartnerSource is only available if executed by June 30. Optimized landing pages make all the difference between a visitor subscribing to or abandoning your site. See why N3 says you “pay for performance, not promises.”

goERPcloud Marketplace App – three months free

Installed with one line of code, the goERPcloud Marketplace App provides your website visitors access to 180-plus ISV partners, on demand trials and opportunities to convert. For a limited time, goERPcloud is offering Marketplace free for the first three months. See one in action here.

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Save 20 percent off your first Worktank event

Whether you’re running an executive meeting or company all-hands, communicating with global partners or hosting a keynote address, Worktank can amplify your content and expand your reach. Through MSB on PartnerSource, Dynamics partners can get professional, end-to-end virtual event management and production at a 20 percent discount.

PartnerWorks for your custom marketing campaign

PartnerWorks creates tailor made marketing campaigns in areas including content marketing, search engine marketing/pay-per-click, email nurture and social media strategies. Let PartnerWorks help you increase demand generation by creating and maintaining campaigns based upon compelling and creative messaging, insight from quantitative analysis of key metrics, and comprehensive domain expertise.

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